Mannequins In Love

July 01, 2016 2 min read

Valentine's Day is already knocking on our doors, but mannequins need love in their lives too.

Let's have a peek at how they show their love and affection during this season, shall we?

#1. Future Love

This lovely couple right here, have a more old fashioned approach towards love and courting, in contrast with the fact that he is a robot. Maybe they're getting ready for a night of dancing tango.

#2. Fresh Romance

Just look at how lovingly these two gaze at each other, you can almost feel that plastic passion.

#3. LGBT

Everybody needs love! This grand universal feeling should be experienced by everyone no questions asked.

#4. Pure Romance

These two are not afraid to show their love and devotion in front of everyone. They give off the feeling of being the young and passionate couple that will always fight for their love.

#5. Self-Love

It's important to love yourself, it keeps us happy and healthy, we just don't have to go overboard.

#6. Spontaneous Love

Love can happen anywhere, even in a dark place. It has the power to "light up" the hearts that are close to it.

#7/8/9. Expressive Love

Photographer Brandon Edgar Allen decided to create this series called Anthropomorphism aka. A Mannequin Love Story. They express so much emotion that it's hard not to relate to these photos.

#10. Little Love

Love comes in all shapes and sizes in all forms even wooden mannequins need it and just look at how cute they are.

We hope you enjoyed this listicle, that you will share it with your friends and bask in the glory of mannequin love. If you're looking for some more Valentine's Day inspiration, check out our article on creative advertising campaigns for Valentine's Day.

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