Professional Dress Forms

Professional dress forms are special mannequins usually used by designers and tailors to fit and pin clothing. Our store has a huge selection of these dress forms for all your professional designing and tailoring needs. We make it incredibly easy if you are shopping for a professional dress form because we ship directly to your door. Mannequin Mall's dressmaker forms are made with the highest, industrial-grade construction that can be used and abused for years. Trusted by the designers of countless fashion brands and top fashion schools, our dress forms are the #1 rated professional dress form in the USA. Lowest price and satisfaction guaranteed. 10,000+ Orders in the USA!

The Professional Dress Form

The professional dress form has been used in the fashion world for centuries. From the first dress form made from wood or wax to the highly sophisticated ones we use today, one thing has always been abundantly clear — dress forms are an essential tool in every tailor’s shop. Even now, when we think about dress forms, silky clothes, apparel stores, body shapes and rich textiles come to mind. They are a useful instrument, as much as they are a symbol of high-fashion.

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