Common Display Solutions for Apparel

July 01, 2016 5 min read

Before purchasing fixtures or display solutions for your retail store, it is important to make an informed decision.

For apparel there are numerous display solutions that work, keep the interior very well organized and help your customers find the right clothing for themselves and their loved ones.

There are quite a few solutions that you can choose from so that you create the perfect shopping environment.


Mannequins are the perfect solution and one of the most commonly used fixtures to display clothing. They are in most cases, an accurate representation of the human body, that helps customers relate and create a better image of how the items will look on them, in their minds. It is also a guide towards size orientation, if there is an information sheet that specifies this detail.

You can find full body mannequins, mannequin torsos, hands, legs and heads, to ensure that you cover all types of clothing you have in your store.

Full body mannequins come in a wide variety of designs and sizes so as to ensure an effective visual impact on the customers.

Check out our lovely mannequins, we are certain that you will find something for your apparel store! You can choose from realistic mannequins, abstract mannequins, plus size mannequins, sports mannequins, ghost mannequins, child mannequins, mannequin torsos, flexible mannequins and more, coming in both female and male form.

Racks and Hangers

Clothing racks and hangers are also very common for apparel stores. They occupy less space than mannequins making them perfect for storing and showcasing multiple sizes of the same item, color variations and to keep collections together.

While they don't have the same visual appeal as mannequins, they serve a very functional purpose and come in all kinds of designs and colors so that you can choose the perfect ones to match your store interior.

In general, racks are made from metal because they can support a lot of weight, making them the ideal choice for heavier garments such as winter jackets.

Clothing racks come in many forms and in combination with slat walls, grid walls and so on.

Dress Forms

Dress forms are the perfect tool to display apparel because they can flatter any outfit. There are a few types of dress forms you can choose from.

Our website provides high quality dress forms that come both in male and female versions, as well as child sized. We also offer professional sewing mannequins with full bodies, that are perfect to showcase any kind of clothing, including pants.

Dress forms can also have a roller base which makes it easier to move around, especially if you are in the habit of changing the décor often.

There are also professional dress forms that are made with industry-grade materials used by fashion designers and tailors.

Slatwalls, Gridwalls, and Wall Panels

A slatwall, also known as a slot wall is a building material that is destined to cover walls or be freestanding and to which you can attach various display fixtures. It basically consists of panels that are crafted with horizontal grooves. These grooves have a general spacing of 100mm. The panels are usually made from MDF that can have various finishes.

To slat walls you can attach shelves, waterfall clothing racks, hooks and hangers, baskets and more, as long as they are specifically created to be integrated into them. Illumination is also an option that further increases the visibility of the products.

Slat walls offer a versatile display option, simply because you can move fixtures around as you please and it does provide as much merchandising space as your store requires.

A gridwall is basically a metal wire display panel that offers multiple options of customization and incredible functionality. As in the case of slatwalls, they can cover up walls or be freestanding, as well of giving you the ability to attach shelves, hangers, baskets and so on. They also come in various finishes so as to match your store décor accordingly.

They are very easy to maintain and clean.

Wall panels are commonly used to showcase merchandise. They are practically sections that do not occupy a full wall and it can be designed with shelves or clothing racks. They can also be freestanding but slatwalls would be more practical.

These types of display solutions come very cheap, mostly because you can install them yourselves. With professional help costs go a bit up, but not to the point where it is too expensive or unafordable.


Shelves are a natural extension and of course display solution for apparel stores. They help keep everything neat and organized while offering the option of stacking clothes and showcase different items, depending of course on the width and length of the shelve itself.

They can come with various finishes that can help you choose the perfect one for you.

Display Tables

Yet another commonly used solution to display apparel in retail stores, display tables. These tables can resemble a regular one or be tiered, meaning it has multiple levels on which you can expose your merchandise.

These tables can be made from different types of materials besides wood, including plastic or metal and can have a multitude of finishes.


A gondola is a two sided panel that has adjustable shelves. They are perfect for center spots in the store because they are freestanding. In general they are made from metal or steel and designed as a slatwall or as a pegboard. This design gives the option of adjusting shelves.

These types of display solutions are perfect for stacking clothing and keeping things in the reach and at the level of the eyes of the customer.

Display Cases

Display cases are not one of the most popular choices when it comes to showcasing apparel, but it can be used nonetheless.

You can purchase a display case to showcase expensive items that shouldn't be touched. A perfect use for them would be to display jewelry but high quality materials that need to be kept in specific conditions can also be displayed this way. Expensive and sensitive materials such as rare silks and cashmere can be kept easily and safely in display cases.


Baskets are not an ideal display solution for clothing that wrinkle easily, unless you plan to keep them folded inside. Otherwise, baskets are good if you plan to make a sales corner or if you want to showcase smaller items such as scarves, gloves and so on.

If you are more interested in retail display technology, be sure to check out our retail technology series that includes 4 Advanced Retail Display Technologies, 6 Retail Apps and Technologies to Improve Customer Experience and of course Mobile Apps for Better Customer Engagement.

We hope that we provided you with useful information and that you get only the absolute best display solutions for apparel.


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