10 Creative Valentine's Day Advertising Campaigns

July 01, 2016 3 min read

The biggest concern of most retailers is how successful their marketing and advertising campaigns are. Did they reach the targeted audience? Are they effective? What was the experience/ feelings of the consumers towards said campaign? And many more questions like these pop up and it's normal that they do. You can prove effectiveness through sales rates, likes, shares, views, customer feedback and so much more. But before crunching the numbers you must have a creative idea that will resonate with the audience and grab their attention.

This article will provide awesome examples of Advertising campaigns that were very successful and popular in the context of Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

1. Ford Mustang - Date & Stunt

Ok, so, the year is 2015 and Ford thought that it would be nice to prank people for Valentine's Day. So how did they do it?

They asked a gorgeous female stunt driver to go on several blind dates. When she leaves with the men from the café, she takes them for a ride to remember. At first, she pretends not to know how to drive a manual stick car, until they arrive in a vacant parking lot, where she drifts, spins and shows them what the car can actually do. But you should watch the video to see the men's reactions. Priceless!

2. Deadpool - The romantic comedy

Since the Deadpool movie will be released on the 12th of February, 2016, the marketing team decided to approach the Valentine's Day theme for the movie poster, which is awesome! The result? Basically a worldwide prank. So many ladies will take the bait and think it's a romantic comedy, we wonder how they're going to react when they actually get there and see what the movie is actually about.


3. Dairy Queen - The perfect spoon

This DQ ad is the perfect Valentine's Day parody for all the overly romantic commercials out there. It's fun, it's emotional and it nails the sweet part of this holiday. Just watch her reaction when she gets the present, the crying, calling the mother, feels familiar, right?

4. Cartier - Proposals

Cartier is a very famous jewelry brand, known all over the world for their fantastic designs. With this video, the French jeweler wanted to pay a tribute to love, with three interconnected love stories, of our modern world, all of them taking place in the City of Light and romance, Paris.

5. IKEA - Everlasting love

Taking us to the wonderful lands of Sweden is this commercial from IKEA that puts the focus on long lasting love. This love is based on differences, on the little arguments and on the happiness that a long relationship can bring altogether. It also aims to prove that the brand has been around for a long time, helping lovers make their homes as beautiful as their passion for one another. 

6. Leroy Merlin - Relationship renovation

To continue on the idea of the IKEA video we have here one from Leroy Merlin. It explores how difficult love can be sometimes, especially in the context of renovating a home and how fulfilling and wonderful it can seem at the end of a job well done.  

7. Coca Cola - Love is in the air

A wonderful idea from the Coca Cola giant. A commercial that puts the focus more on the product and on the joys of sharing in relationships. We just hope that no one got hit by those floating cans. 

8. Wilkinson - Smooth love

A very cool BTL advertising campaign with an original idea. Besides the fact that the banner was a big attention grabber for the people of Paris, it is pure creativity how they thought of using roses as hairs along with a clear message: "Don't irritate her" which is a perfect tagline for the brand and for Valentine's Day.

9. Salvation Army - "Too bad it's over"

A very good video designed to air in Brazil. A stop motion animation for this, with very good sound and message that helps us see a bright side to break ups, namely, helping others by donating our ex's stuff. It is also a different perspective on the whole idea of Valentine's Day which makes the ad much more intriguing.

10. H&R BLOCK - Cupid's taxes

This is a hilarious commercial, even though it's not specifically targeted for Valentine's Day, it's great. It is also a funny approach to the "soulless" people that work in the financial industry and how they are perceived by others. Don't take it to heart though, we're sure they're nice people.

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