Photography Mannequins

Photography mannequins are in high demand among clothing fashion photographers. More and more fashion companies are using our invisible ghost photography mannequins when shooting their clothing. When you use a photography mannequin, there are removable body pieces you can take out that you do not wish to be a part of your shot. Before we created the invisible ghost photography mannequin, all this was done post-shoot via Photoshop in a labor-intensive, time-consuming edit.

Now it is easier than ever to get the perfect clothing shot as if your clothes were floating in the air via our invisible ghost photography mannequins. With our mannequins, there is no need to shoot live models as you can take as long as you want shooting our mannequins. There is no need to worry about makeup, facial expressions, poses, etc.

Ghost photography mannequins are the best way to showcase your beautiful clothing products. Simple, effective, and no distractions. Get your photography mannequin today. 

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