Sports Mannequins

Sports mannequins are the ideal prop for displaying sports gear and gym wear. Mannequin Mall features a diverse selection of athletic and sports mannequins relating to every kind of sport as well as casual gym-goers. Whether you are looking for a football mannequin or a yoga mannequin, we've got it. Made of high quality fiberglass, each sport mannequin is built to last. Their realistic athletic poses make your display come to life, grabbing and holding customers’ attention and inviting them to shop.

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Sports and Athletic Mannequins - From Football to Yoga to Running to Golf and More

When you think about a sport or athlete, you think about “motion” or “action.” You think about specific action poses in your mind. For example, if I said the word “yoga” you would immediately picture someone in some type of yoga pose or stretch. If I said the words “football” or “running,” you would imagine a man or woman running or catching a ball. How about “golf”? You think of someone taking a swing with their golf club on the greens.

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