Baby and children's clothing is a huge industry, and retailers can gain an advantage by displaying their merchandise on our baby mannequins and children mannequins. Baby, children, and teen mannequins are a must if you sell clothes designed for these young age groups. It is always tough for shoppers to visualize clothing on their children without seeing them on a human mannequin form. 

These mannequins come in various "ages", styles, and positions for an endless amount of possibilities. Baby mannequins come in a crawl, sitting, or standing position. Our child mannequins come in both sexes as well as a few unisex variations for the ultimate versatility. Teen mannequins are a little bigger than our children mannequins, but still have beautiful faces and a slightly more developed bodies. 
All of our mannequins for sale are backed by our Low Price Guarantee and are shipped free to your door.

Child Mannequins

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