Child Mannequins

Child mannequins are in high demand. Baby and children's clothing is an enormous industry which benefits from the use of mannequins in retail displays. Shoppers can visualize what clothing would look good on their children when they can see it on a life-sized human physique. If you want to do your customers a favor by simplifying the shopping process for child clothing, then add at least one child mannequin to your display props. Mannequin Mall provides a nice assortment of child mannequins for you to select from. 

From baby to teenage models, our mannequins span the whole spectrum. While some of our mannequins are specifically male or female, others are of the unisex variety which allows you to clothe each model as either boy or girl. Baby models come in cute poses such as crawling and kneeling. Child and toddler mannequins are posed in casual stances and come in specific sizing based on age. Teenage models are available with specific measurements and casual poses as well. We also offer the novel invisible ghost mannequins. These particular models have removable body parts. Once the mannequin is dressed, all visible body parts are removed. The result is a seemingly invisible figure modeling your retail clothing. The illusion of a ghost modeling children’s outfits is sure to draw the attention of many shoppers.

If you are in the business of retailing children’s clothing, you have a lot of steep competition. Many clothing stores cater to children because it is a niche in high demand. In order for your business to set itself apart from the competition, it has to grab shoppers’ attention. Innovative and adorable window displays are one way to make customers enter your retail venue. Providing a visual idea of what your clothing collections would look like on a child is another way to encourage customers to shop in your store. Any one of our child mannequins will help you with your window display as well as in-store presentation of your merchandise.

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