Male Sports Mannequin MM-JSM04

Male Sports Mannequin MM-JSM04

The male mannequin MM-JSM04 is an addition to our athletic and sports mannequin line. A very eye catching male mannequin with muscles rippling from his lean, muscular frame. This athletic and sports mannequin has a muscular body with a right hand up pose as if he was doing some curls mid-workout. All of our mannequins are made out of high quality fiberglass. Perfect for anyone who wants to showcase athletic and workout clothing.

This model comes in a matte gray that is one of the hottest colors for mannequins especially sports mannequins. The color makes him pop and makes your clothing look great. Whether you need him for a sports store, trade show, or anywhere else a sports mannequin is needed, hereŠ—Ès your guy.


Height: 74 in.
Shoulder: 21.26 in.
Bust: 39 in.
Waist: 30 in.
Hip: 37.50 in.

  • Shipping Fee: $40

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