Male Athletic Soccer Sports Mannequin MM-TQ4

  • MM-TQ4 is a male athletic sports mannequin part of our soccer mannequin series.åÊThe athletic sports mannequin comes in a matte grey finish that is very popular for sports mannequins and will look great for whatever athletic clothing or sports clothing you put on him.

    This particular mannequin is in a pose as if he had just kicked a soccer ball and is in a follow-through.

    This pose could also be a warm-up pose as if he is doing a "high-knees" type of movement.

    Because of the variety of athletic poses this can be, the mannequin can be used outside of a soccer setting and used with all types of athletic or sports clothing.

    He has an athletic and toned physique that will make all types of clothing look great on him. This sports mannequin is beautiful and will be a great addition to your display.åÊ

    Height: 70 in.
    Shoulder: 19 in.
    Bust: 41.5 in.
    Waist: 32 in.
    Hip: 39 in.
    Foot: 9.5

    • Male Headless Mannequin
    • AthleticåÊand sports styleåÊ
    • Made from heavy duty fiberglass
    • Beautiful matte grey color
    • Shooting pose
    • Detachable arms, left and right leg, hands and torso for easy dressing
    • With calf and foot support
    • Including square metal base
    • Premium high end mannequin
    • Fixed Shipping fee: $50

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