Male Athletic Soccer Sports Mannequin MM-TQ3

The MM-TQ3 is one of the sports mannequin in our soccer collection. This beautiful male athletic sports mannequin has a matte gray finish and comes in a unique in-action pose as if he is about to score a soccer goal.

His athletic and lean body is perfect for displaying athletic clothing or a soccer uniform. The model is easy to dress and undress with easy to remove body parts. 

This model is for those who don't want a traditional pose and are looking for something that is unique for their sports clothing store, museum, or sports exhibition. 

Height: 70 in.
Shoulder: 19 in.
Bust: 41.5 in.
Waist: 32 in.
Hip: 39 in.
Foot: 9.5

  • Male headless mannequin
  • Athletic and sports mannequin style
  • Made from heavy duty fiberglass
  • Beautiful silver/gray color
  • In an athletic pose as if kicking a soccer ball
  • Detachable arms, left and right leg, hands and torso for easy dressing
  • With Calf and foot support
  • Including square metal base
  • Premium high end mannequin
  • Fixed Shipping fee: $50

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