Female Invisible Ghost Mannequin Full Body for Photography (Version 2.0) MM-MZGH5


Our newest and most updated Version 3.0 Female Invisible Ghost Mannequin Full Body can now be found here.

The MM-MZGH5 is our second version of our female invisible ghost mannequin. This is the most "invisible" female mannequin we carry in our store used by some of the biggest brands in the world as well as the biggest photographing agencies.

This invisible mannequin is for photography professionals looking to create the "ghost" effect when photographing clothing for print or online. This female mannequin makes the production of photos so simple and easy for professionals looking to save time and money by reducing the post production process that all photographers dread when trying to create the "ghost" effect.ξ

If you are a fashion photographer looking to increase the quality and efficiency of your clothing photos, this is the female invisible ghost mannequin you want. Ensure absolute consistency amongst all of your product photos with this high-quality mannequin and reduce the whole photography and production process by 80%.

The matching male version can be found here.

Why Buy This Mannequin:

  • Easily comes apart making it a breeze to dress and undress
  • Beautiful abstract design, suitable for retail display as well
  • High quality and solid construction
  • Made of heavy-duty fiberglass
  • Comes in a matte white color
  • Includes a high quality, rotatable glass base
  • FREE Shipping for Limited Time (USA Only)

Measurements / Technical Details:

  • Height: 64 in., 5 ft 4 in.
  • Shoulder: 16.5 in.
  • Chest: 33 in.
  • Hips: 35.4 in.
  • Waist: 25.2 in.
  • Weight: 50 lbs


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Do you ship outside US/EU?

We ship all over the world, but shipping prices vary quite a lot and we recommend contacting us before placing & paying for an order.

Can I get an even better price for bulk?

If our current stock is sufficient, we can offer you an even better price for any order of 6 or more ghost mannequins. Contact us.

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The usual Mannequin Mall guarantees: Money Back Guarantee, Lowest Price Guarantee & Satisfaction Guarantee.


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