Female Invisible Ghost Mannequin Full Body for Photography (Version 1.0) MM-MZGH2

Mannequin Description & Details

Invisible or Ghost Mannequins are the newest roar in what mannequins are concerned. They have become extremely popular for clothes brands and clothing photography. This type of mannequin will help create a fantastic ghost effect for both your print and online catalogs.

The advantage of the ghost mannequin is that it helps you cut post-production costs down because photos will not require editing, besides this, dressing and undressing the mannequin is extremely easy.

Developed with high quality materials the MM-MZGH2 is a female mannequin with a white matte finish that has the neck cut in a U shape, and has 2 removable layers, which are secured into place with magnets, you can use these neck layers according to your clothing item.

The arms of the invisible mannequin are detachable thus being perfect for T-shirts with short sleeves, as is the removable leg which is a typical feature for most mannequins. This ghost mannequin also comes with a metal base with rollers to help move it with ease without disturbing the clothes.

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Why Buy This Mannequin:

  • High quality and solid construction
  • Beautiful abstract design
  • Easily comes apart making it a breeze to dress and undress
  • Made of heavy-duty fiberglass
  • Comes in a matte white
  • Includes square, steel base with rollers
  • Ground Shipping: Free

Measurements / Technical Details:

  • Neck: 13 in.
  • Shoulder: 14.4 in.
  • Chest: 32.9 in.
  • Waist: 26 in.
  • Hip: 36 in.
  • Height: 64 in., 5 ft 4 in.
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