Colorful Fiberglass Female Mannequin Torso MM-MZBL2

  • This is our high-quality mannequin torso made out of fiberglass and in various beautiful colors. Fiberglass is the same material as our high-quality full body mannequins so you know these will look great. If you are looking for a pop of color for your display, you can choose one or more of these wonderful fiberglass female mannequin torsos.

    These female mannequins are modern and look beautiful. They will display any kind of clothing beautifully with its gorgeous design and color. If you are looking for the same high quality, but a more conservative color, this torso comes in white and silver as well.

    This female mannequin torso is a great choice if you are looking to display tops. Get yours today!

    The colors that are available are: white, yellow, red, purple, silver, and gold


    Bust: 33.5 in.
    Waist: 23.5 in.
    Hip: 35 in.
    Body Height: 30 in.
    • Ground Shipping: $40

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