Abstract Female Mannequin MM-C6F

  • MM-C6F is an abstract female mannequin with a glossy white finish. This female mannequin has a unique pose like a beautiful model with her arms crossed. This gorgeous mannequin is stunning in her flowing and graceful pose which is quite unique for a mannequin. This beautiful mannequin would be perfect for high end fashion shops showing off female clothing.

    This beautiful abstract egghead mannequin is easy to assemble and disassemble making it a breeze to put on and take off clothing. The glossy white color is also a blank canvas that will make any kind of clothing look superb. She is a great female mannequin to choose.


    Bust: 32 in.
    Waist: 24 in.
    Hip: 34 in.
    Height: 6 ft.

    • Beautiful egghead mannequinξ
    • Made of high quality fiber glass
    • Glossy white colorξ
    • Including base + foot support + calf support
    • Ground Shipping: $40

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