5 Year Old Child Abstract Mannequin MM-CD5

MM-CD5 is a 5 year old child mannequin in an egghead style. The glossy white color is perfect for any clothes because of its neutral color. The white creates a blank canvas to make any kind of clothing look good. It has a walking like pose with the left foot forward and hands a bit raised.

This child mannequin is easy to dress and undress since hands and arms are detachable. This would be perfect for people who are looking for a child mannequin in a unique pose other than the normal standing position.


Bust: 26.8 in.
Waist: 24.4 in.
Hip: 29.6 in.
Height: 50 in.
Foot: 6 in.

  • Abstract child mannequin, egg head style
  • Beautiful glossy white color
  • Made of high quality fiber glass
  • Detachable arms and hands for easy dressing and undressing
  • Includes base
  • Ground Shipping: $30

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