Mannequin Leg & Butt Forms

Mannequin Mall has a varied assortment of mannequins of every imaginable kind. Our mannequin butt and leg forms come in many variations as well. You can choose from models made of plastic, fiberglass, as well as dense foam. From neutrals, such as white, black, and various flesh colors, to metallics and all colors of the rainbow, our mannequins cover the whole spectrum. Male and female forms, from slim to muscular, can grace the display window of your retail venue. Just browse our inventory for your ideal selection.

Mannequin Leg and Butt Forms are great for showcasing clothing for the lower half of the body. Why bother with a full physique mannequin if you are in the business of selling only pants and skirts? For those retailers whose merchandise focuses on the bottom portion, butt and leg forms are the optimal option. This alternative is more cost-effective than purchasing a complete physique mannequin. This type of display tool is also ideal because it only features the parts of the body which your business caters to, namely the legs and butt. You will not have to concern yourself with covering a mannequin's top half with clothing which you do not have for sale. You simply worry about which one of your beautiful pants, shorts, and skirts you wish to showcase on your butt and leg forms. All the shoppers' attention will be on the attire your retail store specializes in.

If your merchandise or a section of your store is solely for bottom wear, then you do not need to invest in a complete mannequin. Save yourself the extra hassle and money. Find the perfect mannequin leg and butt form instead. There will be no question about what you are trying to sell. All the focus will be on your collection of fashionable pants, chic shorts, and colorful skirts.

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