Dress Forms

Dress forms are a type of mannequin typically used by tailors and designers to pin and fit clothing. Our store offers an assorted collection of these dressmaker forms for all your tailoring and design needs. We also offer display forms that are used to display clothing in fashion retail stores. With our dress forms made of dense foam covered in either jersey or canvas fabric, you can pin and adjust your clothing to your heart’s content. We offer a huge selection of professional dress forms whether you are looking to design or just display. Used and trusted by the biggest names in fashion. 10,000+ orders in the USA.

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Best Professional Dress Forms For Design and Display

Even though it might not seem like it, buying a professional dress form can be a little bit like buying a new car or a very useful home appliance. The reason we’re pointing this out is that not all dress forms offer the same quality. If you want a good one, you have to make sure it is made with industrial-grade construction and materials.

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