How To Prevent Your Store Mannequins From Falling Over

June 30, 2016 2 min read

It's downright frustrating when you spend several hours creating a brilliant new mannequin display for your store, only for the mannequins to fall over later that day. Not only is this nuisance, but it can also prove dangerous for any shoppers around. If a mannequin falls over on a customer, it could cause injury. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to keep your mannequins straight and upright.

Choosing The Right Mannequins

Not all mannequins are made equal. Some have thin legs with larger torsos, which subsequently increases the risk of them tipping over. If you have have trouble keeping your mannequins upright, consider investing in a different type. For instance, mannequins with a platter bottom (see image to the right) offer a higher level of stability than others. You can rest assured knowing they won't fall over unless someone or something accidentally bumps into them.

Restrict Access To Your Mannequins

Another helpful tip to prevent your store's mannequins from falling over is to restrict access to them. Common sense should tell you that a mannequin is more likely to fall or be tipped over it's placed in the middle of an aisle. A smarter and safer solution is to place your mannequins in the window where shoppers are unable to reach them. There's always a chance of a shopper making his or her way to the window display, but incidents such as this are usually few and far between.

Adjust The Legs and Feet

Of course, you can also reduce the risk of your mannequin falling over by adjusting the legs and feet. Assuming they have adjustable limbs, try spreading the legs father apart and making sure the feet are flat against the surface of the floor. Doing so will promote greater stability while lowering its center of gravity; thus, keeping your mannequin straight and upright.

Prop Your Mannequin Up

A fourth way you can prevent your mannequin from falling over is to prop it up against a wall, fixture, or some other type of structure. If your mannequin is being displayed in a window, for instance, chances are there's a nearby wall that you can use. You don't want to create the appearance that your mannequin is leaning on the wall, but instead place your mannequin right up against the wall in way that looks natural.

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