How To Create a Summer-Themed Window Display

June 30, 2016 2 min read

In case you didn't get the memo, summer is right around the corner (June 21, FYI), which means shoppers will be out in full force searching for new clothes, accessories and other items. Retail store owners can use this to their advantage by designing summer-themed window displays, speaking directly to shoppers and their interests. But how are you supposed to create a summer-themed window display?

Summer-Themed Window Displays: The Basics

Let's first go over the basic definition of a "summer-themed window display," as some people are likely hearing the term for the first time. Essentially a summer-themed window display is a visual representation of one or more products -- often enhanced with accessories and/or props -- that's designed around elements associated with the summer season. 

Far too many retail store owners make the mistake of designing generic window displays with no real sense of style or aesthetics. If you're looking to generate sales, however, (which I'm assuming you are), you'll need to connect with shoppers through your window display. A summer-themed display will do that just: it speaks to shoppers on medium to which they can relate, which subsequently results in more sales.

Choosing Your Products

When choosing products for a summer-themed window display, ask yourself whether or not they are suitable and relevant for the summer season. Common sense should tell you that a heavy winter coat and scarf are not suitable products to display here. While these products would be an excellent choice for a winter or even fall-themed display, they are simply not relevant for the summer, and therefore should be avoided. 

A few obvious types of products to consider using in a summer-themed window display include bathing suits, tanks, t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. If it's suitable for the warm weather, chances are it's a good fit for a summer-themed window display. Following this simple rule will greatly improve your chances of creating a successful and engaging window display.

Accessorize Your Display

To really make your products stand out, you should accessorize your window display with props and other items. For instance, you could create a beach scene in which several mannequins are depicted playing with a beach ball. Another idea is to toss a couple beach towels over your mannequins' shoulders, creating the impression that they are a family headed to the beach.

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