Comparing The Different Forms of Visual Merchandising

June 30, 2016 2 min read

Visual merchandising plays a key role in a retail store's overall sales and profits. Business owners who turn a blind eye to this element will get left in the dust by their competitors. However, not all forms of visual merchandising are made equal, which is why it's important to familiarize yourself with the different types. Doing so will allow you to focus your attentions on the visual merchandising method that's best suited for your particular needs.

Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale (POS) displays are exactly what they sound like: a specialized product display that's set up on or around the point of sale. Even if you've never personally set up a POS display before, chances are you've seen them before. Walk into any convenience or grocery store and you'll be presented with a POS display around the checkout register. Store owners use them to here to trigger impulse buys in shoppers. When a shoppers sees a candy bar or some other short-lived-satisfaction product available for sale, he or she may buy it without thinking twice.

Gondolas, Gridwall and Shelving

Another form of visual merchandising involves the use of gondolas, gridwall, shelving, and similar store fixtures. Most store owners use fixtures such as this to store and display their product, but they can also be used for visual merchandising purposes. The term "visual merchandising" simply means to display one or more products in a manner that encourages shopper to buy it. Therefore, designing a shelving unit with appealing product and emphasizing it with the appropriate props can be considered visual merchandising. Whether it's a gondola, gridwall, slatwall, shelving, or any other fixture, you should display your store's product in a way that makes it look appealing and enticing to shoppers. Following this simple rule will greatly boost your sales.

Store Window Displays

We can't talk about the different forms of visual merchandising without mentioning store windows displays. A window display, as you may already know, is a visual representation of products within a store's window that's designed to encourage shoppers and passer-bys to product the product. While visual merchandising is a vast industry, there's a sub industry for the window dressing profession. These men and women use their creative instinct to create brilliant, eye-catching window displays for retail stores and businesses.

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