Simulaids Manikin Professional Instructor Jaw-Thrust Starter Package

This Professional Starter Package includes two CPR JT Brad (Jaw Thrust) Manikins; one CPR JT Kyle Manikin; one CPR Kim Manikin; additional 10 pack of adult, child, and newborn mouth/nose pieces; additional 24 pack of adult, child, and newborn airway systems; 100 latex-free manikin face shields; and carry bags. Ships in five boxes. (2 boxes each) 28" x 27" x 10". Sh. wt. 16 lbs. (1 box each) 34" x 11" x 7".Sh. wt. 8 lbs. 26" x 8" x 8". Sh. wt. 3 lbs. 13" x 13" x 11". Sh. wt. 4 lbs.

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