Custom Mannequins

If you just can't find the perfect mannequin or simply want something that's unique for your store, custom made mannequins are a viable solution. After years of working with retailers large and small, we've learned that we can't supply every possible combination of features, materials and designs when it comes to mannequins so we've perfected a process of designing and manufacturing mannequins in lines with specific customer needs & requests.

From ultra realistic mannequins and abstract, functional mannequin designs to very specific mannequin builds for professional use, made out of materials chosen based on the environment of usage and what the mannequin is going to be used for, we deliver custom mannequins as a business solution, not just as a retail item.

Flexible & open towards your needs:

  • Creating a truly unique design based on your requirements - guaranteed to stand out.
  • Working with a wide range of materials - from polyurethane to plastic & metal.
  • Developing functional features such as swappable faces, detachable parts etc.
  • Building mannequins of all shapes (or only parts such as torsos) and sizes.
  • Serving orders ranging from small batches (50-100) to thousands of mannequins.

Building a custom mannequin (or more) based on a specific human model is also possible, although it requires a more complex photo shoot in a professional studio.

Have You Checked Our Inventory First?

While we're more than happy to talk about custom mannequin orders, we advise you to browse our inventory first. Custom mannequins always carry a higher price tag, require you to be very involved in the planning process and depending on your requirements, they can take a lot of time until they're actually on display at your business. That's why we never push customers towards custom mannequins, unless they are 100% sure there isn't a better option.

Hundreds of models to choose from

With nearly 1.000 mannequin models, ranging from retail-oriented products such as realistic mannequins, abstract mannequins etc. to professional mannequins such as photography mannequins, tailor's dummies etc.

Before deciding to go the custom made way, also take into consideration that we might be able to find the next best thing for you and as a mannequin supplier, when it comes to wholesale mannequins, we're able to offer fast shipping and discounts up to 40% depending on the volume of your order.

Our Approach To Custom Mannequins

Having designed, sourced, manufactured and supplied mannequins and dress forms to thousands of customers all over the US, we've slowly built a network of partners, manufacturers and suppliers that enable us to offer the best solution, in a reasonable time frame, at a great price when it comes to mannequins and custom mannequins.

In the same time, we've managed to streamline a process when in comes to delivering custom mannequins as a business solution. Basically, these are the broad phases we will go through in order to get you the mannequins with the specifications you desire:

1. Defining requirements and consulting

2. Drafts, designs, renders and approval

3. Molding and manufacturing mannequins

4. Quality assurance and finishing touches

5. Shipping to your location(s)

At the end of this process, we guarantee that you'll have mannequins that will meet or even exceed your expectations.