21 Amazing Halloween Window Displays

Fall has already enchanted us with its ever beautiful color palette. But there’s something in the air, a sort of anticipation, a feeling that something dark is around the corner. It’s that amazing holiday that we all love, Halloween.

Everybody gets into the spirit of this day, decorating their homes and wearing beautiful costumes. Sometimes even the shop owners want to celebrate with their customers by creating gorgeous display windows dedicated to this day.

Mannequins are used to display clothing, but why not be used for something more? They can become haunting ghouls, heroes and villains all with the right materials.

Check out this collection of what some stores have done to their windows for Halloween.

#1. This design was created by interior decorator Hege Greenall-Scholtz, for the store Grasse, back in 2010. This is a super stylish and not too spooky décor which works like a charm, emphasizing the general idea of the store.


#2. This is something created by the owner of Whimsy, Traci Tessone, back in 2013. It is also a super simple yet straight to the point display, the clothes are showcased perfectly with a broom to represent the outfit of a witch.


#3. Joel Benson created a gorgeous display for Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique in 2013, showing off their lovely pumpkin brides, from beyond the grave. It looks simple and yet full of effect with the gravestones and fences around, but also genius work with those Christmas light trees.


#4. American Apparel used the work of designer Lena Shockley, in Japan, 2012. Her design shows that beauties also have a dark side.


#5. This is an amazing and cheap idea to showcase small accessories, or in this particular case shoes! You get to put your customers’ imagination to the test and see where it will take them. We don’t know the shop name or the genius human that came up with this idea, so if you have any idea, please let us know in a comment.


#6. Witches! Witches flying everywhere! That’s what Cole’s Hardware wants us to imagine, but wait, witches can’t fly without their brooms so they offer some of the best equipment to all the customers that need it.


#7. Screaming Mimi’s, a vintage apparel shop from NYC, had a great idea for a display window, namely putting out of this world Halloween costumes in it.


#8. Next up we have a display from Bergdorf Goodman that caught our eye big time.

This particular design is splendid, not only because of its simplicity, using a single mannequin, a lovely dress, some spider webs, spider stickers and that little detail on the left of a spider made from string, but also for this black widow vibe it wants to send. Photo credits go to Rudy Pospisil.

They have some more amazing Halloween displays created by David Hoey and you can check them out here.


#9. In 2011 the people who walked by Ralph Laurens’ in NYC were in for a cute and spooky treat at their kid’s store. This giant pumpkin is the perfect installation to invite parents and their children inside to find the perfect fall outfits for the little ones. For more photos of this display window click here.


#10. Number 10 on our list is yet another Ralph Lauren window, targeted towards adults this time. The lady mannequins in this chilling scene don’t have a specific purpose, but the webs and the tiny Halloween-ish details go a long way. Photo taken from Nyscout’s Flickr.


#11. Mulberry’s designers always have a window display which compliments every season and holiday like a charm. In this case, Kevin Langridge, in 2012, used this black background with eerily lit eyes and charred tree trunks to put the merchandise into the spotlight.


#12. Jumping through the rabbit whole, we arrive in Paris at the Printemps department store where designer Charles Anastase, created gorgeous displays by using the story of Alice in Wonderland. You can find more designs from the Printemps “Alice” displays here.


#13. While we are still here in Paris, we can enjoy yet another frightening display from Repetto, a French ballet shoe company. This display leaves a lot to the imagination, being either a beheaded witch or a ghost ballerina, or anything your mind can cook up.


#14. Anyone can make a stunning Halloween display, including Nancy Krause - a flower shop who went with the “corpse bride” theme to showcase their ingenious and deadly flower arrangements.


#15. Ermenegildo Zegna had a display created not for the purpose of Halloween, in 2011, but which reminds us a lot of Edward Scissor Hands. It’s a highly effective design, doubling as a tailor’s prized tools and as a creepy Halloween décor.


#16. One of the most extravagant decors not meant for Halloween, but which would fit perfectly, created by a store, comes from the illustrious Harrods shop in London, back in 2009, on the 1st of December. This Wizard of Oz theme brought a lot of attention onto the store at that time, but how can you not notice two giant feet whilst walking on the street?

You can find more photos of the event here.


#17.This next display was created for a bookstore of which we don’t know the name, back in 2009. It’s a great window because it gives you the jitters every time you pass it by at night.


#18. That same year, we have the Becker Street which was filled with some gruesome window displays and there is one from Marc Jacobs that caught our attention, for the simple fact that it mimics the idea of a Parisian catacomb, or one of those churches in Italy decorated exclusively with real life human bones! This probably is not, but still makes up for a killer display! Found on Dusty Burrito Blog.


#19.That same year, we have the Becker Street which was filled with some gruesome window displays and there is one from Marc Jacobs that caught our attention, for the simple fact that it mimics the idea of a Parisian catacomb, or one of those churches in Italy decorated exclusively with real life human bones! This probably is not, but still makes up for a killer display! Found on Dusty Burrito Blog.


#20. Still in Paris, where this magical city makes us constantly daydream, we have a window from Lanvin, created in November 2012. It was not specifically designed for Halloween, but the idea is genius. The floating and fluttering dresses, frames and masks make up for a unique view into a ghostly ball kickstarting our imagination. Source here.


#21. Surfing through time and space we stop at an eerie store window, in 2010, at Barney’s NYC. This terrifying display was created by Dennis McNett with wood block prints. Creepy skulls, rabid wolves, spooky owls, all lined up with a rather festive background create an interesting vibe, a sort of ritual that’s about to unfold before our eyes. Source here.


There is a myriad of stores out there that create intricate and absolutely stunning display designs in order to catch the eyes of their clients. Some use cheap and effective materials while others invest a little more in their windows, but it’s not something to worry about.

Your store can benefit greatly from a fresh Halloween window so why not put in the extra effort to make something nice either for your store, your clients, or just to celebrate this whimsical holiday in style.

Happy Halloween everyone!