100+ Christmas Window Display Ideas - Part #1

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We had so much to learn from the 100+ Creative Store Display Window Designs that a follow up was mandatory. We kept searching the world for some amazing displays designed especially for Christmas and winter. So here they are, enjoy!

#100. We begin our journey with a Moncler window display from 2011. This fantastically detailed window gives the impression that there are ice caverns in town and that it’s time to grab appropriate equipment and go explore.


#99. The French Connection created this impressively obvious window in perfect geometry. Those white cubes stand perfectly for snow and while the screen has a witty line that compensates for the lack of other product/props.

#98. As always Harrods has some of the most impeccable and extravagant displays. This particular one relates to a Crystal Christmas in 2011, and was realized with the help of Swarovski. There are multiple themes at play here and the architecture of the windows is whimsical and glamorous.
#97. No better place to be during the winter than the woods where everything is still and pure, so be transported there in an instant through this window display from Anthropologie.
#96. While this is not a store, but a contemporary art gallery named Oriel Mostyn Gallery. For this specific illustration artist Andy Singleton was called upon to create an amazing and attractive winter display entirely from paper. As with Moncler, it gives off the impression of an ice cave.

#95. Stylish suits and dresses put in focus by those enormous red Christmas tree globes. This window belongs to Burberry and it creates a perfect contrast between neutral tones and a vibrant and shiny red. The lighting in this case is very well positioned to shine upon their fabulous products.


#94. Marie Belle, a handcrafted sweets shop from New York exhibits a fairytale woodland. All details are arranged with great care, as you can see small mushrooms, small red woodpeckers, a treasure chest and a family of reindeers. Through the hyperrealist trees you can peek inside the store to see how cozy and how beautifully decorated it is.


#93. A blurry focus, well placed lights, incredible shadow play and perfectly complementing colors spells Anthropologie. They always created breath taking windows and you can clearly see why they put so much effort into them, because they practically scream “Come in!”.


#92. Still with Anthropologie, this time in 2012, blowing our minds with what can be done with paper. Even that old rusty bench outside fits in perfectly with the display. Again the details are stunning and very well executed, every shadow has been thought of, there is no clutter.


#91. As you can see, snowy forests are highly used in winter or Christmas window displays but the vision of the designers differ greatly. Anthropologie created a vivid mosaic to depict the peaks of the snowy mountaintops as well as adding a miniature plane covered with snow and promoting a single suit. Simplicity at its best.


#90. Kastner & Öhler a department store from Austria, in 2012, used the theme of the Ice princess or queen to attract visitors and convince them to do their Christmas shopping there. Aesthetic proportions and intriguing details come into play to form these fantastic windows.


#89. Yet again, the Moncler from Selfridges, with the aid from the fantastic team, Millington Associates have created a spectacular display. Simple, repetitive but with each detail managing to enchant passersby.


#88. This particular display from Anthropologie is very cute and captures the attention of the people in the streets very easily. It is fantastic how they thought to create Christmas trees from green boxes filled with decorations, household items, plush toys and so on.


#87. Ralph Lauren in 2012 unveiled this particular window, while it might use the Ice queen theme as well, it brings a gothic, chilling effect due to the choice of props and depiction of this frozen nature. The scene is set somewhere back in time due to the dress the mannequin exhibits.


#86. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the store or the ones of the creative hands that contributed to the creation of this window display. Not many people would have thought to design a dress from tree branches, moss, and Christmas tree decorations and lights. All these elements cheer up the whole atmosphere which is quite dark and dimly lit. Good job!


#85. Again at Ralph Lauren, but this time in 2013. While this is a unique display and vision, it feels as if some of the expressive power of the display has been neutralized by so much white. The lighting is splendid and the focus was intentionally set on the albino peacocks rather than on the products in the display.


#84. Back to paper décor with this Valentino display from 2014. We have to appreciate the expert details of the background, as well as the contrast formed with the products and how the lights are blended in with the scenery. Even if the patterns are repetitive, it aims at creating visual symmetry and it works like a charm.


#83. While we don’t necessarily applaud the suit choice on this mannequin from Joseph, we are quite taken with the cavernous theme. While nature does not create such perfect geometrical shapes, this display really gives you the impression of an out of this world ice cave.


#82. The Bergdorf Goodman department store in NYC in 2008 had this brilliant window to show to the public in the streets. This whimsical atmosphere created simply by snow, a dazzling dress and a fantastic exhibition of a chess game is enough to make us want to go inside and have a look.


#81. We couldn’t make this list without mentioning the infamous Harrods displays windows. This one in particular is from 2010 and just with one glimpse it transports us to a fairy realm where possibilities seem endless.


#80. Still at Harrods, but in 2014, we are shown an exceptional display that just makes us feel like Santa is real and that we’ll hear the ruckus of him landing on our rooftops.


#79. This display is pretty cool, it was designed Wellen for the Česká Spořitelna Bank in Prague. The city seen below is made from paper, as is the falling snow. We appreciate the fact that they added those little cherubs giving the whole window a dreamy and surreal feel.


#78. Here we have another example of a good white and silver window display from Whimsy, a small boutique from Illinois focused on decoration. They contrasted all this white with warm light hues, silvery shimmers and the visible wooden background.


#77. Here is a simple and captivating window display from Vivienne Westwood. We are very curious as to what they used to make that light tree, maybe some electroluminescent wire or light tubes. We also love their addition of golden hearts and the top of the tree.


#76. Another amazing display dedicated to NYC’s Central Park at the Lord and Taylor store in 2012. Please keep in mind that this is a miniature set and note that the amount of detail is absolutely amazing.


#75. A very heart-warming scene we have there from Tiffany in 2012. It would indeed be every woman’s dream to find such exquisite jewelry from a secret admirer or receive them as a gift for Christmas from their loved ones, right? As with the case of Lord and Taylor this is a miniature set and it looks gorgeous.


#74. In contrast with the amazing Christmas tree dress display you have seen above, this is another variation of the prop from Oscar de la Renta, in 2012. This display is much simpler when considering the props, but more details have been added to the dress to make it more stunning and captivating. Using those golden leaves brings the game to a whole new level of visual attractiveness.


#73. This display by Leïla Menchari was designed for HERMÈSin the winter of 1990. It has so much depth and detail that it would be fantastic to see it even today. We love how it creates such a warm yet strange atmosphere. Photo credit: Guillaume de Laubier


#72. Topshop in 2010 showed us what a snow globe would look like if it was made to fit people inside. An interesting blend of colors and styles are at play here without making the window feel crowded or disorganized.


#71. This Harvey Nichols display from 2011 has quite an eerie feel to it. While it does project the idea of ice and freezing cold very well, we are not really sure how to feel about it.


#70. Back at Harrods, we have this fun and creative display. We have a miniature London city down below, complete with lit up windows and the mannequins on top of the clouds that look like they’re watching over the city.


#69. Still at the category of miniatures, we have this window from Selfridges in 2013. This grand display is filled with a lot of tiny Santa’s skiing down slopes, little snow covered Christmas trees, trains, reindeers and so on. You could stand there for hours just to assimilate all the tiny things that make this display impeccable and highly attractive for customers.


#68. Dior presented this display to holiday shoppers. While we have discussed a similar display before, this one uses a simple white background, strong lights and much bigger tree decorations with a wider variety of colors and few products, placed at the optimal height from the ground.

#67. John Lewis with the aid of Chameleon Visual and Billie Achilleos created one of the best Christmas display ever, from our point of view. Why? Because every small or big animal from this set of displays has been created from household items. The penguins for example were crafted from coffee machines. Photography: Jamniczky Norbert


#66. Harvey Nichols has a knack for creating fantastic displays such as this one. The lighting is perfect emphasizing both this particular scene but also the clothing on the mannequins. The details come to complete this particular window, shimmering stars and globes.


#65. It is amazing what can be done with paper and Tiffany shows us yet another variation of this type of craft. Taking us to the realm of Disney princesses, this display does not use products to attract but intricate details.


To avoid huge loading times for our readers we've broken down the 100+ displays into 3 separate pages. If you're impressed with what you've seen already, wait until you get to part #2 & #3 - some displays are absolutely out of this world.

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