Flexible & Posable Mannequins

Mannequin Mall features a wide selection of display mannequins for retailers, photographers, and seamstresses alike. Most of these models are posed in a fixed position. Some retailers and photographers have a need for models that can strike various poses. For those professionals, we offer our flexible and posable mannequins. If you need to change up the positioning of your display model to create various different display scenes, consider our selection of movable mannequins. As with all of our models, our flexible and posable mannequins come in a great variety. Male and female, of different shapes, colors, and sizes, they cover the whole spectrum.

Flexible, Poseable, and Articulated Mannequins

The most important aspect of mannequin shopping is realizing the intended purpose for that mannequin. Some customers have a specific pose in mind where a traditional mannequin won’t do the job. That is when customers consider if flexible or articulated mannequins are ideal for their business.

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