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CPR training these days has gone to the next level by using more & more types of CPR manikins. Today, these dummies are given other roles as they are now used as tools for medical training. Their uses are extremely significant in emergency situations like cardiac arrest or shock caused by accidents.

Manikins are equipped with simulated airways used in the teaching of first aid. To fulfill this function, they come with many useful accessories for CPR training. These essential devices are available in varied, colors, forms and sizes. Updated features are amazing but are quite complicated:

  • An excellent compression of its audio-visual compression plus high quality feedback systems.
  • Accompanied by a student computer-aided assessment using actual time.
  • Very realistic anatomy audio.

Looking at CPR manikin features

In CPR manikins, you can see all shapes, sizes, and colors. They have also different accessories for CPR manikins. They have different “skin” colors to choose from. Torsos and faces are realistic- looking and are usually approximating size of a living adult person, a child, or an infant. Typically, they are heavier and cost more the less lifelike.

It is a lot easier to clean mannequins with foam body constructions; the downside is that they are worn out faster compared with dummies having chest skin that are replaceable. Manikins with compression feedback help the instructor and the students keep on pace and in the right location. Good compression training save more lives and with the right feedback system, compression strengthened the technique of good CPR.

An economical feature is found in an adult manikin that can be converted into a child. Lung systems are variable depending on the manikin brand and model for each maintain their own system.

Setting up the mannequins is varied: some take several minutes while others need only a few seconds. There are new manikins available to use for choking rescue training; rescuers are taught to use the abdominal thrusts in order to to dislodge foreign objects.

More accessories for CPR manikins

Manikin makers see to it that their products are almost life-like. Upper body models are limited so costs are minimized. These types of CPR manikins are fitted with skin that looks authentic. On the other hand, advanced varieties have eyelid blink rates that can be programmed as well as additional features like:

  • Reaction time
  • Pupil size
  • Cry real tears
  • Skin turns pale or bluish

These features are realistic even if it is just a manikin so the students can easily use the acquired skills in transferring them to real people.

The 10 most useful accessories for CPR training

  1. A useful accessory like defibrillator provides electric shock of high energy to the heart passing through the chest wall. This device is life-giving to someone who is in cardiac arrest. Do you know that this is the most excellent best treatment for cardiac arrest? If within the first three minutes, defibrillation is accomplished then survival ratio goes above 70%.
  2. Protective airway mask is the protection of the rescuer when performing the mouth-to-mouth pulmonary resuscitation. It is the best way to avoid the transfer of contamination.
  3. CPR Practice Shields - Designed with specific tensile and modulus properties with uniquely engineered translucent film, the shield easily drapes the face of the training manikin and it stays on firmly during its use. The correct side of the shield has distinctive markings that will be easily recognized by the student will always use the correct side of the shield, therefore controlling minimizing cross-contamination by the trainees.
  4. Replacement Parts – Since CPR manikins are easily maintained, they seldom require repair. You can avail of this collection of replacement parts if your manikin runs out of its warranty period and you need a bit of assistance, or you might want your manikin to be upgraded.
  5. Professional Adult Manikin Rate Monitor for CPR certifies visual confirmation if the rate of compressions is proper when applied to an Adult Manikin. Aside from the visual feedback, the yellow light will be rapidly flashed by blue monitor as soon as compression rate of 120-per-minute is reached. It is an indication that the student is compressing too fast. The American Heart Association ECC Guidelines recommended a maximum level of 120 compressions per minute.
  6. Anytime Personal Learning System for CPR is a personal training kit that is self-directed that includes everything needed to learn CPR and choking relief. It incorporates the research that proved Practice-While-Watching method of CPR instruction. Improve or update learning, retention and offer maximum skills practice.
  7. Rescue Accessory Kit for CPR-D Padz comes with 50 kits, giving you more than enough materials to aid the rescuer when there is a case of unexpected Cardiac Arrest. This Kit for a rescuer contains: bio-barrier face shield, shears, disposable prep razor, personal antimicrobial wipe and dry towel.
  8. CPR Resuscitation One-Way Valve Replacement - This is a one-way replacement bag with filter that can be used for adult or infant CPR resuscitator masks.
  9. Physicians Care Emergency CPR First Aid Kit - The kit has complete solution for administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation: included in the kit are wipes with antiseptic, packets of hand sanitizer, packets of tissues, one biohazard bag, CPR mask, and latex gloves.
  10. KC-1010 Universal Mouth-to-Mask CPR Kit – It has two sizes of mask, a single -way valve and attaching supplemental oxygen of O2 inlet. Proper seal is provided by the masks.

Clinics and rescue organizations are very strict in selecting only premium quality types of CPR training manikins and accessories for CPR training. They never sacrifice quality in purchasing the best kind of manikins especially if they have the dependable monitoring instruments. CPR will always be a priority at all times.

Although, many never expect its importance or they will be involved in this kind of activities. In reality, it is just a common and simple life-saving procedure but it has been instrumental in saving lots of lives in the past and in the time to come. There is everything to gain in being trained properly and equipped with the latest kind of technology, equipment and accessories in saving human lives.

Picking the right manikin and the proper accessories for CPR manikins are important decisions, since you’ll be working with them for years to come. Pick the right features needed for you to target your audience so they are motivated to retain their skills.

Consider the condition of your environment, how you would want your manikin and accessories to be easily portable, and the kind of feedback systems you need.

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