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Simulation is one of the most effective methods of teaching students in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). However, the use of live individuals is not recommended due to possible injuries and other complications.

This is why dummies or manikins are used for training. The manikin is life-size with the softness and flexibility of human beings. The trainee can compress its chest and breathe air into the dummy. CPR manikins are essential in training since students can adjust their force without being concerned (initially) of causing injuries.

Of course, humans are different from dummies but the latter can be equally useful for training courses. It is therefore important to learn the different features of CPR manikins.

Knowing the Features


Prestan manikins have distinct differences from other CPR dummies. These have innovative qualities that pave the way for more helpful training modules. Among the most impressive attribute of a Prestan manikin is the CPR rate monitor. It facilitates immediate feedback to both trainers and students with respect to chest compression rate.

The apprentices are able to determine compression rates even without guidance while teachers can monitor several students at the same time without difficulty. This type of manikin has a lifelike head tilt and chin lift mechanism that allows students to see the chest rising. Thus, they can perform better and more accurate CPR. This without doubt is one of the outstanding features of CPR manikins.

For the Prestan Professional Infant Training Manikin (CPR and AED with CPR monitor) for example, the most important features include:

  • One-of-a-kind clamshell design.
  • Discernible chest rise after manikin is ventilated.
  • Head tilt and Chin lift.
  • Single piece and disposable face-shield lung bag.
  • Easy to hear compression clicker
  • Anatomical features (XIPHOID Process).
  • Latex-free.
  • Skin-like finish.

The clamshell upper body opens without difficulty and the installed clicker device emits a sound if students use enough force for chest compression up to the recommended depth. The Monitor is fitted with four vivid lights at the left shoulder allowing students to see if they have achieved the right number of compressions. Instructors can easily and rapidly review the progress of numerous students within a brief duration. For example:

  • Red – Less than 60 compressions per minute.
  • Yellow – 60 to 80 compressions per minute.
  • Green (Single) – 80 to 100 compressions per minute.
  • Green (Double) – 100 compressions per minute.

Students are compelled to maintain this rate. Otherwise, the green light goes off if the trainee slows down. If this happens, the sequence should be repeated.

The skin and is flexible and molded so it looks and feels real. It is impervious to dirt and oil or grease. The AED pad sticks to the dummy without any adhesive deposit. Lifelike head facilitates appropriate support for the head. Meanwhile, the realistic body has evident shoulder blades; precise nipple line; baby fat layers; realistic weight; and, separated toes and fingers.

Prompt Manikin

Another popular product in the market is the CPR Prompt manikin which is designed particularly not only for CPR but Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training as well. It has body-like features suitable for instructing students.

Instructors can deliver enhanced professional-level quality and hands-on training at reasonable costs. This upgrades the life-saving skills and retention capabilities of trainees. At the same time, the Prompt manikins ensure valuable feedback system and other essential features.

These include dial for age selector that modifies compression depth for adults and kids’ CPR; head tilt and chin life to open air tracts; perceptible chest rise; and, easy to hear compression clicker that verifies proper techniques.

For Basic Buddy manikins, the best features of CPR manikins consist of availability of baby manikins complete with arms and legs as well as lungs that rise and fall with breaths if airway is positioned correctly. No assembly is required.

Manikins are ready for insertion after you take them out of their bags. It is possible to remove and insert lung bags with a single process. Likewise, you can clean and store without having to disassemble the manikin.

Resusci Anne Training Manikin

The Resusci Anne Training Manikin also has unique characteristics. The lifelike details together with exact body marks make training more convenient. Besides, no inflation is necessary. Some of the most important features you should be looking for are:

  • The manikin focuses on primary techniques and skills in defibrillation as well as performance level.
  • Full anatomy provides practical manner of quality CPR and patient management.
  • There is a natural airway obstruction that helps learners administer air during real-life situations.
  • Head-tilt, chin-lift and jaw-thrust teach students to execute airway maneuvers properly.
  • Realistic resistance for chest compression enables trainees to replicate the amount of required pressure for performing compressions in real life.
  • Almost genuine head, arms and legs let students feel the weight and handling of older persons.
  • Simulation of carotid pulse allows checking of patient’s pulse.
  • Performance modules guarantee instant feedback on the volume and duration of ventilation, position of hands, and depth of compression.
  • The voice response will not permit the students to proceed unless the correct placement of defibrillation pads is attained.

Aside from multiple and useful features of CPR manikins, most of these products are affordable and easy to carry. In fact, no internal cleaning is required. Reputable manufacturers and suppliers make sure their dummies comply with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

The hygienic system is patented and all manikins have DURACOAT finish to ensure easy external cleaning. Most if not all manikins are effective when it comes to the Heimlich Maneuver which is the technique in First Aid to remove any object that blocks the windpipe of an individual. Users of training manikins are advised to choose carefully before buying their training manikins.

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