Boost Your Sales With a Ghost Mannequin

June 30, 2016 2 min read

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, holds true in the retail apparel industry. Creating photos of your product in the most flattering manner will naturally attract more sales, whereas low-quality photos will discourage shoppers from purchasing it.

If you're struggling to create quality photos of your apparel products, you should consider using a ghost mannequin. It's an invaluable too that will lead to better photos, and subsequently more sales, which is exactly what you should be aiming for.

What Is a Ghost Mannequin?

We've talked about ghost mannequins before on the Mannequin Mall blog, but if this is your first time hearing about them let me explain: a ghost mannequin is essentially a mannequin with certain elements, such as the neck line and arms, removed. So, what's the purpose of using a mannequin with parts removed? Without the neck and arms, retailers can take photos of their product so it looks like it's floating in mid-air (hence the term ghost mannequin).

Ghost mannequins come in several different shapes, sizes and designs, with models available for every purpose. Whether you need to display dresses, athletic wear, or casual t-shirts, chances are there's a ghost mannequin to meet your needs. Check out our wide selection of ghost mannequins for sale by visiting our ghost-mannequin selection.

Benefits of Using a Ghost Mannequin 

The greatest benefit of using a ghost mannequin is the ability to create professional looking photos without distracting backgrounds. Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if the photo doesn't contain any distracting elements. Unfortunately, snapping a photo of a garment draped on a traditional mannequin will result in unnecessary elements being included (such as the mannequin's arms and appendages). But with a ghost mannequin, store owners can take photos that focus strictly on the product.

Ghost mannequins are most commonly used for e-commerce websites. E-commerce owners can use them to create better photos for their website, which of course translates into more sales. With that said, there are other instances in which ghost mannequins would prove useful, such as the creation of a physical product catalog. If you're thinking about creating a new product catalog (or re-doing your existing catalog), you should invest in a ghost mannequin. Using this unique mannequin, you can create photos that emphasize the product while eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Interested in Buying An Invisible Mannequin?

Mannequin Mall is one of the premier sellers of the invisible ghost mannequin for clothing photography. Whether you are looking for men or women, child, plus-size, etc, we have tons of ghost mannequins available and ready to ship.

Get your order in as soon as you can because they are shipped for free for a limited time. As these mannequins are extremely heavy, that is a huge savings in cost.

When you're ready to order shop on our website, email us at, or give us a call toll-free at our Customer Support line 1-800-365-3297. 


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