January 23, 2017 3 min read

As it is already known, one of the most fascinating and appealing ways to improve the visibility of your store, of your collection or of the brand, it is by investing in the so-called “visual merchandising”, a set of strategies that are meant to visually improve the layout of stores, products and of the way in which all these reach and attract customers. Visual merchandising helps in maximizing the sales impact of the retail store, and also provides a compelling shopping experience by focusing on space planning and layout, coming up with creative and original displays, carrying out some market research, and all these in order to boost sales and determine a positive general image of a certain brand.

The way products are displayed on a given store is a science in its own way, but what actually matters are creativity and originality, the idea of providing something new and appealing. This science of visual merchandising is generally based on artistic principles, because it is only after we have established the entire plan of improving the aesthetics of what we want to sell and where that we undergo the entire technical procedures. The basic principles should rely on imagination and creativeness.

There are lots of ideas that can be developed so that you can get the best displays for your store. Taking into account the fact that in apparel stores there is a constant need for a refresh of collections, displays, costs, merchandise, the best option you have, as a store owner or as an interior designer is to organize everything using themes. Products need to be displayed in a way that customers are enticed to buy them and that is when science of shop fittings and displays come into play. You need thematic displays for some really good reasons:

  1. You avoid monotony by developing your strategic displays according to customer’s behavior and tastes.
  2. You provide a constant flux of sales; whether it is spring or winter, new collections or simply a need for something new, every change in the scenery is meant to attract and to impress, and succeeds if the display is interesting enough.
  3. You indirectly suggest the fact that your brand is associated with prosperity, equilibrium, with a thriving business in a word.
  4. You demonstrate that you care about your image and the way in which customers perceive you and your products.
  5. You generate the feeling of originality and creativeness that the entire fashion business is based on.

Temporary displays, as the thematic displays may be to a certain extent, can cover some of the most complex themes with the same effectiveness. Their general style may value engineering, the technical stuff that can help you actually set up the entire display, may utilize luxurious props, render a classical or high-end look. If you decide on using thematic displays, you may consider one of the following types:

  1. Displays organized during or based on certain feasts, national celebrations or local festivals: this is one of the most common thematic displays that every store can organize. The advantages are beyond any doubt, as everyone can recognize a thematic display that is built with elements that suggest a direct hint to Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on and then be enticed to go inside. Even though the displays and decorations that you create are not accompanied by a new collection or discounts, this kind of displays is effective anytime.
  2. Displays based on famous movies, books and music:can be seen as an efficient way to improve the visibility of your store because it is a vast field that can be exploited. We should recall all the clothes, jewelry, perfumes, and other items that are inspired from certain characters in movies or films, musician and so on. Even though your collection might not signed by one of those famous artists, the presence in your displays of elements that hint to this industry will certainly be as appealing as you expect it to be.
  3. Displays inspired by artistic movements or artists:as a form of art, the entire process of creating displays or of working on aesthetically improving the layout of your store always makes use of artistic principles, whether you are aware of this fact or not. When we use our imagination to creating something appealing, we indirectly “apply” an artistic hue on our endeavor.
Artistic movements, such as surrealism, expressionism, art-nouveau, baroque, renaissance, conceptual art and so on are capable of providing one of the most appealing displays that you will ever come to find. The process might seem a bit complex because it means knowing some things and undergoing some research, but the results are really original.

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