Mannequins for Sewing: What You Should Know

June 30, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

Whether you're a seamstress, tailor, fashion designer, or someone who enjoys altering his or her clothes, you should consider buying a mannequin. It's a smart investment that will boost your productivity, allowing you to produce more work in less time. To learn more about the use of mannequins for sewing, keep reading.

Mannequins are Used Strictly for Retail Displays

Some people assume that mannequins are only useful in retail window displays. Mannequins are certainly a popular choice for such applications, and for good reason: they draw the attention of shoppers and passerbys, encouraging them to buy the advertised product. However, mannequins are also useful in sewing and tailoring.

Benefits of Using Mannequins for Sewing:

  • Allows you to see exactly how a particular garment looks on the human form.
  • Even if a garment is unfinished, you can pin pieces of it to a mannequin to maintain its form and figure.
  • Measuring a garment is easier when it's placed on a mannequin as opposed to a table.
  • Mannequins are durable and able to withstand the constant stress seen in sewing applications.
  • There's no better way to present your finished garments than by displaying them on a mannequin.
  • Using a mannequin for sewing will allow you to produce better quality work.
  • Buying a mannequin is a smart investment that will pay off in the long run for your sewing or sewing-related business.
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Which Mannequin Should I Choose?

If you're going to buy a mannequin with the intention of using it for sewing, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, choose a model with a cloth-based body.

Why is this important? Well, traditional "retail" mannequins are typically made with a hard outer shell, which isn't exactly helpful for sewing.

If you plan on pinning your garments or fabric to the mannequin, it needs a soft, cloth-based body.The standard acrylic/plastic bodies won't hold pins, but cloth bodies  will.

Something else you should consider when choosing a mannequin for sewing is whether to use a full body or torso-only style.

Full-body mannequins really aren't necessary for sewing, simply because few people other than yourself will ever see it.

The torso-only style, which as the name suggests does not have a head or limbs, is more compact and easier to use for functional applications like sewing.

Whatever mannequin you decide to choose, we have a huge selection of them and our Customer Support staff is always available if you need any help. We have years of experience in fashion retail as well as design so we can help you pick the exact mannequin you need. 

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Akshay suryawanshi
Akshay suryawanshi

November 02, 2020

Hi I am akshay suryawanshi and I really want to thank you for this article.
I was really confused which mannequins are actually used for sewing, but after reading this article it’s clear that I must go with soft torso mannequin.

Thanks ones again

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