Exclusive Deals For New Stores

Mannequins, Dress Forms & Displays For Your New Store

We know that opening a new store can be a tedious and stressful process with quite a hefty price tag, but we also know that quality mannequins/dress forms & display cases are usually a good investment. Here's where our expertise and offers come handy: we'll make sure that you get the absolute best value for your budget and you won't end up with products that "just don't fit well with the store and products".

While we mostly focus on offering you the best mannequin selection online, we also provide popular models of dress forms and display cases (and our selection is always growing). From low-cost mannequins that are good for filling up space to premium mannequins that look great in display windows and actually help you put the focus on the products you want to sell, we're sure we can provide your store with the best selection of mannequins at the best possible price.

Our Offer: 10% to 40% on everything you need

We absolutely love helping our customers choose the best mannequins for new stores and we want to do more than just consult them on what to choose. That's why we've started the New Store Promotion, offering personalized discounts on everything you need in terms of mannequins, dress forms & display cases to make your store look great and your products stand out.

Our discounts will vary depending on what items you want and in what quantity, our inventory and how soon you need them delivered. Get in touch with us and we'll provide you with an estimate based on your exact needs.

How to take advantage of our offer:

Option #1: make a list (or use the shopping cart) with everything you need (including quantities) and get in touch with us via phone our mail and we'll take it from there. You'll have an exact estimate in a very short time.

Option #2: if you can't decide between mannequins, dress forms, displays etc. or you're trying to get the most out of your budget, give us a call and tell us your issues and we'll guide you through the best choices in terms of entry level / value / premium products. After we figure out what exact products would be a good fit, we'll provide you with an exact estimate and shipping times.

Further down this page, you can find out more about our product selection, custom mannequins and custom product imports, what we can do for you in terms of services and what the benefits of working with us are.

Hundreds of models to choose from

With nearly 1.000 mannequin models, ranging from retail-oriented products such as realistic mannequins, abstract mannequins etc. to professional mannequins such as photography mannequins, tailor's dummies etc.

Flexible & open towards your needs

With over 12.000 customers served, we know each retailer has his own specific needs and each store is unique. Flexibility is key to making sure you're happy and that's why we're open towards:

  • Working with you in choosing the best products according to your needs, budget and expectations.
  • Designing, manufacturing & shipping custom mannequins based on your needs & specifications.
  • Importing/sourcing mannequins & other product not in our current offer at your request.
  • Serving orders ranging from "I just need that mannequin" to thousands of mannequins.
  • Accepting a wider(r) range of payments types & methods (on a case-by-case basis).
  • Delivering on the policies & promises that make our customer happy: money back guarantee, lowest price guarantee, easy returns & excellent support.

Sourcing mannequins not in our current offer: we get it - you want the best mannequins that can perfectly complement the design & mood of your location and you just can't find them. Don't worry - we'll find the perfect fit or the next best thing based on your requirements and budget.

Designing, manufacturing & shipping custom mannequins: having worked with some of the largest retailers in the US and reputable American, European and Asian manufacturers. we've developed a straightforward process to manage your request from the idea phase to finished product delivered to you.

Coming Soon: Merchandising & Retail Design Consulting

We're currently working with our partners across the US to introduce a comprehensive new set of services focused on retail design & merchandising, which will help you offer a great shopping experience, properly position your brand and increase revenue. Coupled with our Product Management Team's services (including custom mannequins design) & our wholesale policy, this will ensure that you'll end up with the best choice in terms of mannequins & displays, without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned for more details, as some of these services will be free of charge for our customers and we're sure you won't want to miss out on what's coming next.