Premium Mannequin Choices For Luxury Stores

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As a luxury store owner, you must go above and beyond the call of duty to differentiate yourself from other retailers. This means using premium mannequins to present your products in a more appealing manner to which shoppers can relate. But with so many different premium mannequins available, how do you know which ones to choose?

Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD03W

The Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD03W is one of the top-selling mannequins here at, and for good reason: it's a stunning female model with a shiny, glossy-white finish that's perfect for luxury stores and boutiques. And best of all, the Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD03W has an elegant pose in the left hand rests on the mannequin's hip and the right hand is hanging off to the side. This makes it particularly useful when presenting formal dresses, gowns, and other types of women's wear.

In terms of size, the Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD03W measures 5'11” tall, with a 32” bust, 24” waist, 32” hips, and 9” feet. She's made of professional-grade fiberglass material and features a steel base connected to a calf rod. The MM-RXD03W even comes with an optional heel rod for displaying footwear.

Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD04W

Another premium mannequin that's perfect for luxury retailers is the Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD04W. Much like the previous model, it's part of MannequinMall's “XD” series and is made of professional-grade fiberglass material with a steel base and calf rod. The key difference between it and the MM-RXD03W, however, is the posture. As you can see in the product photo, the Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD04W is posed with her body tilted slightly backwards and her hands resting on her sides. This is a fun alternative to the generic postures found in many store mannequins.

Keep in mind that the Abstract Female Mannequin MM-RXD04W is about two inches taller than the MM-RXD03W, and it has a slightly smaller bust size (by about one inch).

MM-MZGH4 Invisible Ghost Mannequin

Does your luxury store have a ghost mannequin? If not, it should. These mannequins are unique in the sense that certain body parts can be removed to create the impression that worn clothes are floating in the air (hence the term, ghost mannequin). While most premium mannequins can be disassembled to some degree, ghost mannequins have more removable parts, and in different areas, than standard mannequins.

The MM-MZGH4 Invisible Ghost Mannequin is one of the highest quality ghost mannequins you can find. Sold here at, it's comprised of nine separate pieces that can be disassembled and reassembled with ease. Luxury store owners can use the MM-MZGH4 Invisible Ghost Mannequin to take exceptional quality photos of their products, as it eliminates distracting backgrounds and elements while creating the perception that the clothes are floating it mid-air.

Male Abstract Mannequin MM-GM23E

The Male Abstract Mannequin MM-GM23E is arguably one of the most popular abstract “egghead' male mannequins sold at MannequinMall. It possesses a strong, masculine male physique, in which the mannequin stands upright with the feet spread shoulder-width apart and the arms left hanging to the side. It's a simple yet classic look that works well in a variety of retail environments, including luxury stores.

Being that the Male Abstract Mannequin MM-GM23E features a glossy-white finish, it can be used to display garments of virtually any color or style. It measures 6'2” tall, with a 22.4” shoulder-to-shoulder width, 41.3” bust, 30.7” waist, and 40.6” hips. It's also made of professional-grade fiberglass and comes with a steel base, calf rod and heel rod.

Male Abstract Flexible Arms Mannequin MM-PGL15

Have you seen the Male Abstract Flexible Arms Mannequin MM-PGL15 yet? This high-end fiberglass mannequin features elbows with ball bearings that can move and twist, allowing store owners to create new postures. By adjusting the elbows, you can reposition the mannequin to have the arms dangle off to the side, placed on the hips, or virtually any other posture you can think of. The Male Abstract Flexible Arms Mannequin MM-PGL15 has one foot placed in front of the other, creating a simple yet sophisticated look that most luxury stores will appreciate.

The Male Abstract Flexible Arms Mannequin MM-PGL15 measures 6'2” tall, with a 20.5” shoulder-to-shoulder width, 35.4” bust, 31.1” waist, and 37.4” hips. It also comes with a square-shaped steel base, heel rod, and ca calf rod.

Realistic Plus-Size Female Mannequin MM-AVIS3

There's been a growing trend towards the use of realistic mannequins in luxury stores. Containing more realistic bodily features than standard mannequins, they have a greater impact on shoppers. The Realistic Plus-Size Female Mannequin MM-AVIS3 is an excellent example of a realistic mannequin. It features a professional-grade fiberglass body with realistic makeup and eyebrows. The real beauty of the Realistic Plus-Size Female Mannequin MM-AVIS3, however, comes from its skin tone. Unlike most other “realistic” mannequins sold by our competitors, the Realistic Plus-Size Female Mannequin MM-AVIS3 is both crafted and painted by hand.

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