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Presenting jeans in your web store is an important thing for you, so you need to make sure that you present them in the appropriate manner. It is essential to let your potential customers see the cut and fit of the jeans, but you definitely want to make them look astonishing, as well. To get the best representation of your jeans, you need to use a ghost mannequin to shoot the photos you will use in your web store.

So in this tutorial, we’re going to help you learn what you need and how to do it, so you get amazing photos of your jeans. Presenting jeans with a ghost mannequinmakes it easier for customers to see their design and fit. They can see whether the jeans they want to purchase are slim fit, flared, straight legged or bootcut. When you photograph jeans on a ghost mannequin, they will look as if an invisible person were wearing them. In photography, this is also known as the hollow man effect.

Having a nice representation of your jeans could increase your sales because it allows your customers to better visualize the intended fit of the jeans on themselves. Now let’s see what equipment you need and how you need to prepare to shoot the best photos of the jeans you have for sale.

  • Although it can be used any camera, you should look for one that can make your photos look professional. A recommendation in this matter is the Canon EOS 5D Mk III.
  • Studio lighting. You definitely know that lighting is essential when you photograph products. So you need to get some good lighting, and a recommendation for this is to use continuous cool LED lamps. These are excellent because they ensure exposure, shadows and contrast are kept consistent.
  • Before you start, prepare all the jeans you want to photograph, no matter their style and cut.
  • Tissue paper. You can use it to stuff the jeans, as it will add depth to key areas of the jeans.
  • Double sided tape. You can use it to hold parts of the denim in place. Besides, it also adds rigidity.
  • You can use styling clips to pull the denim taut and to remove unwanted creases.
  • Ghost mannequin You will only need the legs of the mannequin to shoot the photos of the jeans.

Now that you gathered everything you need, you can go on and see the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Dress the mannequin legs.

To dress the legs of the ghost mannequin, you should turn the leg module upside down and pull the jeans over. To show the inner lining of the jeans, pull the fabric up and taut to make sure the waistband lies slightly over the mannequin’s waist.

Once you dressed the legs, zip or do up the buttons on the fly and try to get a symmetrical fit. You need to make sure that the waistband, legs, and crotch fit evenly.

  1. Use clips and tissue to style.

To achieve a more fitted look of the jeans you want to photo, you are recommended to use styling clips. Turn the legs around and pull together any excess of fabric below each side of the buttock area and legs. Clip and hold this excess fabric in place, whilst making sure it is not too tightly held. If it is necessary, you can use tissue paper to stuff area that looks like a “dent” in the denim, to give this area a more natural look.

  1. Hold denim into place with tape.

It is the time to take a look to the waistband. It is very likely to observe a gap between the waistband and the mannequin’s waist. You can easily remove it, by closing it with the double sided tape. This tape can also be used to remove unpleasant “bowing” of the legs.

  1. Add style and effect to your jeans.

You can do various things to add some extra effect to your photo. This depends on your brand and preferences. For example, you can turn the bottom hems of the jeans.

  1. Shoot the front and back.

When you are finally happy with the way your jeans look, with the way they are styled on the ghost mannequin, it is time to make sure that lighting and exposure are set up properly, so you can shoot from the front. However, when you present jeans, your customers will also want to see how they look from behind. To shoot them from the back, just turn the mannequin around and repeat the styling process, but on the front, this time.

Remember that shooting jeans offers you the chance to style them in various ways, to make them look stunning.

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