Job Responsibilities of a Visual Merchandiser

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Visual merchandising is a unique profession that requires a combination of creativity, marketing expertise, and a keen eye for fashion trends. This worker's primary task is to set up store displays in the most appealing manner possible, encouraging shoppers to buy the item. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the job responsibilities of a professional visual merchandiser. To learn more about this profession and the duties it entitles, keep reading.

Why Visual Merchandising is Important

Let's first go over the basic importance of visual merchandising, because many store owners view it as "unnecessary." There's no rule -- written or unwritten -- stating that you must hire a visual merchandiser. On the contrary, there are thousands of successful retail stores and businesses that don't have one. However, a visual merchandiser can almost certainly prove beneficial, as he or she will encourage shoppers to purchase merchandise.

A report published by Steve Hemsley’s Promotion and Incentives suggests that most shoppers make their purchasing decisions when they are in the store, not beforehand. As a store owner, you should create the most appealing environment, enticing shoppers to not only look, but also to buy the merchandise. Visual merchandisers are fully trained and educated to help you accomplish this goal. They will present your merchandise in a way that drives sales and ultimately profits.

Here's a short list of some -- but not all -- of a visual merchandiser's job responsibilities:

  • Arrange merchandise, fixtures and props according to the store's floor plan.
  • Set up new theme-based window displays.
  • Unpack and arrange merchandise in displays and other promotional settings.
  • Perform market research on current and future trends related to your store's niche/industry.
  • Discuss goals with the store's executives and managers.
  • Implement new props into existing window displays.
  • Visit regional offices to coach other store employees on how to present merchandise.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of store displays.
  • Assemble mannequins and other store props.
  • Identify sources of lighting to use in conjunction with store display, and if necessary implement new ones.
  • Create a detailed budget for visual merchandising materials and related expenses.
  • And much, much more...

Hopefully this will give you a better idea of visual merchandisers and the role they play in retail stores. Some people assume their only task is to set up and dress mannequins, but as you can see this isn't the truth. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, as noted in the list above.

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Hi. 😊 I wanna apply for the job, if it is a thing here in the Philippines.

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