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There are quite a few things that are worth mentioning when it comes to mannequins. Because perceiving a mannequin only as a "silent salesperson" is just not enough. But here are some facts that you may not know about these interesting sales helpers.

Mannequins As Art Projects

Nowadays mannequins represent a great way of self expression. People are creating art using mannequins by embellishing their bodies with colors, patterns, different materials or jewels. Used not only for displaying clothing, they have become pieces of art. If you want to see some more examples, check out this article here


This is the term that describes the sexual attraction that one has towards mannequins, statues or dolls. In fact there are artists that have expressed their love and admiration for mannequins throughout their work. One such example is the series of paintings of Alan Beeton (1929). Oskar Kokoschka was another artist who shares this fetish.


Another interesting matter on mannequins is that there exist a phobia about them. While this is mostly applicable for china dolls and porcelain dolls, there is however the fear of mannequins as well. Children are usually those who experience the fear of dolls talking or moving.

Therapy Mannequins

Did you know that mannequins are helpful in therapy? The project that involves mannequins as confession tools is called I Told It To A Mannequin and has came as the result of working in a stressful environment!

So how does it work? you first choose a male or female mannequin, depending on whom you want to talk to, then you get to go in a separate room with it and get to dress the mannequin as you wish, letting free of your imagination and fantasies. Then it all goes on stage, where the stories are re-formed and re-performed by 2 performers.

Decorative Mannequins

It seems that lately mannequins have become decorative objects for the house or even for the outdoors.

Great as shelves, mannequin torsos hide a lot of place for placing small objects or even books. Mannequins are the stars of this small town, the decorations that embellish and gives it good vibes.

Used In War, Medicine & Testing

Mannequins were used in ancient China during war time to lure the enemies. The Chinese used to place the mannequins strategically so that not only they would spare human lives, but they would also collect the arrows and then reuse them.

In medicine mannequins are used for CPR training. There are custom-made mannequin torsos used exclusively for this purpose. The chest is soft, allowing for the up and down movements.

A great use of the mannequins is in car testing and nuclear weapon testing. They are placed in the passengers' seat to monitor the impact that a car accident may have on people. Also, during the Second World War, the US government used mannequins in nuclear weapon testing. After the detonation the damages were reviewed to check the impact of the weapons.

Mannequins Are Getting Smarter

This is partially true, in the sense that technology got incorporated into mannequins, and they have become more sensory oriented. There is a new line of mannequins that can see and hear what is happening in the store. The information is then used for data, to encourage the sale boost.

So what other interesting facts do you know about mannequins? For more interesting articles on and about mannequins, make sure you check our blog. And, of course, feel free to have a look also at our quality mannequins, various in designs here.

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