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It may sound simple — dressing a mannequin is just as easy as throwing on your own pair of pants and a shirt, right?

The truth is, there are plenty of things that make dressing a mannequin trickier than you ever could have believed. One of the most important takeaways is targeting the style of your mannequin specifically for your customers. Learn how to dress a mannequin like a professional with these tips and tricks!

The Art of Dressing a Male Mannequin

Male mannequins and female mannequins have subtle differences in how they are styled and dressed. It is important to dress a male mannequin specifically with the eyes of your male customers in mind, as that men and women view style very differently.

The most important thing to remember when dressing your male mannequin is not only paying attention to the finished product but also to each individual piece of your styled mannequin.

Here are some of the best tricks to making your male mannequins look the best and draw in more customers than ever.

Tips and Tricks on Selecting Clothes for Male Mannequins

  • Pay attention to fit: While equally as important as with women, some may overlook the importance of the correct fit on a male mannequin. Make sure all of the clothes are structured to your mannequin so that it is not being overwhelmed by the clothes, but flattered by them.
  • Style your male mannequins with clothes that sell well and are on trend to draw in crowds. Because men are often less interested in browsing shelves in a store, it is particularly important to grab attention with the styling of your mannequins.
  • Choose clothes that emphasize the shape and body of your male mannequin.
  • Arrange your mannequin in a pose that makes the clothes look great and clearly embodies the feeling you want your store to represent.
  • Keep an eye on the ways that customers respond to your male mannequin’s style, so that you can adjust future outfits and mannequins based on that response.

Dress a Female Mannequin With Elegance

There is typically a lot more thought that goes into dressing a female mannequin in contrast to a male mannequin. With the addition of accessories and other complexities of women’s fashion, one can only hope to make a good impression right away.

Female mannequins can be dressed in shorts, pants, dresses, skirts… the options are endless. Next, add jewelry, bags, shoes and more, and the opportunities for creating an amazing look can become too much. Luckily, there are some surefire tricks that will help you settle on a style that will represent you, your store and your products successfully.

Tips and Tricks on Picking Fashion Pieces for Female Mannequins

  • Women only want to try on clothes that they think will flatter their bodies. Fit your mannequins with the help of clips that can be secured on the back and hidden from view. Even if the fit is unrealistic, every individual body is different, and every piece will look good on someone. Worry about fitting your specific mannequin, and the rest will fall into place.
  • Add the right amount of accessories. If you use too many, your clothes will get lost, but if you don’t incorporate enough, then your outfit won’t feel complete. Shoes, bags and jewelry are an easy way to pull every piece together in an elegant and put-together way.
  • Complete your look with a pose that gets noticed and feels natural.
  • Consider the season with each piece you choose. You want to display pieces that will both look good in the current season and translate into the next. Women, often even more so than men, are concerned with purchasing a piece that can be worn throughout the year, again and again.

How to Dress a Mannequin Child

To dress a mannequin child, there is an added element to consider. Not only must you consider the children that will want to be dressed in your clothes, but you need to appeal to the parent who will be buying those clothes.

Tips and Tricks for Dressing a Mannequin Child in the Perfect Clothes

It is important to consider a number of elements when learning how to dress a mannequin, especially a child mannequin. These can include but are not limited to:

  • The target age of the children you are looking to sell to - While the children’s parents will ultimately be purchasing the pieces on display, you also want children to be excited about and drawn to your clothes; make your mannequin look fun and happy!
  • The usefulness and practicality of the children’s clothes - Parents will never purchase clothing that looks like it  cannot withstand rigorous play and wear-and-tear of kid’s play.
  • Fun, childish styled clothing and patterns that keep the youthfulness of the children - Why rush your little ones into maturity?
  • Accessories that will make the clothes seem more inviting and tangible to kids - If the outfit is meant for sports, add a ball or skateboard. If the outfit is meant for a more formal affair, add a purse or hat to help your little one feel grown up! Accessories can draw customers from the street just as well as the clothes themselves can.

Creating the perfect mannequin to draw in customers starts with knowing your audience. After that, certain tips and tricks will make sure you can keep those customers and draw in profits.

To learn more about the technical aspects of how to dress a mannequin and how to keep your customers interested, pay attention to all the latest tips from Mannequin Mall.

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