Shop Window Display Design - A New Curated Gallery By Mannequin Mall

July 01, 2016 1 min read

We have been working on quite a few new interesting things for you, our faithful yet silent blog readers and we're quite excited that they're finally ready.

Last week we finished building the foundation of our Retail Inspiration Hub and published our first-of-many roundups & curated galleries: 100+ Amazing Window Display Designs. So far, it seems we've inspired a few of our readers to work more on their own displays, which can only make us happy.

We're going to publish a lot more in the following weeks, so you can expect a constant flow of resource roundups, galleries and inspiring content that can help you implement some creative tactics & solutions for your own store.

Keeping in mind readers who prefer email over social, we've also started our curated newsletter covering display design, visual merchandising and retail tips & best practices to help you grow your business.

Our promise is simple and straightforward: great & 100% relevant content delivered every month (only 1 email per month) to your inbox. No SPAM, no annoyances, no overly promotional communications.

We're currently working on the next awesome curated gallery (Christmas is just around the corner - expect to see a lot of Santa in our next gallery), so if you're not a fan of bookmarking and refreshing our Inspiration Hub (who does that anymore, though?), just sign up below and you'll be the first to get the new content.

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