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Fashion is one of the most important industries, and in today’s world, people tend to be mostly attracted to the product’s image. So if you are part of the online fashion or retail world, then you need to acknowledge that good quality garment photography is capable of making your product withstand from the crowd. If you don’t yet know how to easily showcase the unique features of your products, then we have the answer for you: ghost mannequin photography.

With the help of ghost mannequin photography, you can easily showcase the unique features of your garments, the clothing style and the quality of the material. However, although this may seem like an easy job in your eyes, it is actually a heavily technical process and it needs some knowledge and experience using Photoshop.

Basics about ghost mannequin photography

In the online fashion industry, competition between retailers is very high, due to the fast growth of this industry. Therefore, everyone tries to get better, to get closer to their customers, and to have a better knowledge of their customers’ needs. Therefore, one of the things that you can do to help your customers get a better shopping experience is using ghost mannequin photography. This attracts more customers to your online store and helps you generate more sales from returning shoppers.

So now let’s see what ghost mannequin photography is. It is a special style of product photography that gives customers a better view of a garment in a 3D environment. This photography style requires a special mannequin, and also a well-experienced photographer to perform and edit the photos, in order to make the garment piece look alive and flawless.

To create great photos, you need to take photos of a garment from multiple angles. This way, you’ll create a series of images that you can use later to create a perfect 3D ghost mannequin photo. Additionally, you’ll need to take photos of products logos, labels and other crucial details that will help you create a whole 3D photo.

The process

Because we all know that even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference, we need to acknowledge the importance of preparation in the process of ghost mannequin photography. This is a step that can help you create the perfect flawless image of your garment.

There is needed for a certain preparation to take place to ensure that the photos are realized are true to life images. The process involves garment preparation, steaming, removing any dirt and dust, attention to details, handling of the garment, creative vision, and using photo editing tools.

As we stated above, it takes some preparation before starting the actual photo session. First of all, the garment needs to be prepared and styled. Then, it needs to be photographed in a particular manner, to make sure that the photos are high quality, and the garment looks great in the picture.

When you want to create ghost mannequin photography, it is needed to use a certain garment size. This consistency is important, as it allows the photographer to fit it on the mannequin in a proper way, to make it look great. Besides, the garment’s consistent sizing provides continuity throughout the garment range. Generally, garments used for photography need to be size 8 for female, medium for male, and 4 for kids.

Before starting to take photos of the garment, it needs to be steamed or ironed. This step is required especially when the garment was folded or in a package. Steaming or ironing it would remove any wrinkles from the piece of garment, thus making it fall well on the mannequin. Try to avoid any dust, creases, and imperfections from the garment. Once you are sure everything looks great, you can move on with the photography process.

When you create ghost mannequin photography, you want to capture specific features of the product. In order to do this, you need to style the garments. An important aspect is that the material needs to flow naturally on the mannequin, without compromising the garment’s style in any way. Through the photos you realize, the customer needs to be able to get an accurate image of the shape and natural draping of the garment. In case you are not content with the way the garment flows on the mannequin, you can adjust it using pins so that the style is properly displayed.

In order to create a true 3D perfect image of the garment, you need to take photos of the same garment, from various angles. It is not enough to photograph the garment from the front and back, as you also need to shoot angles of the garment as well as close-ups of accessories and various embellishments. You need to demonstrate the garment’s quality, and to do this, you need to focus on product features, including logos, labels, zippers, buttons, embroidery, and others alike.

Once you finished photographing the garments, you go on to the post production phase. This involves manipulating and editing images.

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