Host In-Store Events To Boost Sales

June 30, 2016 2 min read

Do you own or manage a retail store? If so, you should consider hosting events to attract new shoppers and boost sales. Regardless of what your store sells, chances are it will benefit from events. Now for the million-dollar question: what type of event should I host?

Back To School

According to a report published by the National Retail Federation (NRF), consumers spent over $74 billion on back-to-school supplies in 2014 -- a number that's expected to grow even higher this year and in the years to come. Store owners should take advantage of this trend by hosting back-to-school shopping events. If your store sells clothing, maybe you can set up additional mannequins displaying school uniforms, backpacks, and related accessories. Don't be afraid to call around to some of the local schools to request a copy of their dress code, as this will give you a better idea of which products to display. Feel free to decorate your store with school-related items, such as chalkboards, chairs, etc., to create a more authentic atmosphere.

It's important to note that most schools begin their school year in the months of August and September. So if you're looking to throw an event, schedule it around (or slightly before) this time.


Hosting a fundraiser event will attract new shoppers while giving something back to the community. There's really no wrong way to host a fundraising event, although one of the most basic formats is to take a percentage of your sales/profits and donate it to a charity of your choosing.

Holiday Events

Another idea is to host a holiday event in your store. Whether it's a major holiday, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or the New Year, or a smaller holiday like St. Patrick's Day or Labor Day, hosting an event around holidays such as this is a great way to attract shoppers. Consumers are always on the lookout for those special "holiday sales," which is why it's recommended that you offer attractive promotions and sales during the holidays.

When hosting a holiday event, try to incorporate elements associated with the respective holiday into your store. For instance, you could hire a Santa Clause to take gift requests from children during a Christmas event, or your could hide fake 4-leaf clovers throughout your store during a St. Patrick's Day event. These are just a couple ideas to consider.

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