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If you decide to create an elaborated window display that will certainly catch the eye of the customers and lure them inside your store, well this is the exact resource that can help you achieve that. Not only that we gathered here some precious information about how can you creatively improve the aesthetics of your store, but we also provided some practical examples attended by images. This resource is centered on the way in which film imagery can help you in your creative approaches.

We’ve chosen some well-known films from different periods of time and for different tastes, and provided some information about them. Each description is meant to introduce you into the themes and motifs of the movie and to help you familiarize with its imagery. We also inserted some suggestions about the mannequins you can use or other props. You’ll be able to craft you own window display after you’ll get to decide what is this all about. Of course, you can extend the list presented here and chose the movies you enjoy more.

The reason why we believe that there can be crafted really fascinating window displays based on famous movies is that no matter the taste and age, people will always enjoy movies. The idea of movie inspired displays can be used effectively in all kinds of stores, and can help you exploit customer’s interests and hobbies. We guess that from now on you’ll certainly be watching movies with an additional intention: that of finding potential material for your window displays! Until then, take a look at these suggestions:

1. Where the Wild Things Are

It is a fantasy-drama film adapted from Maurice Sendak’s children’s book that has the same name. Its imagery is based on animatronics, performers in costumes, computer-generated imagery, and tells the story of a nine-year old boy, Max, who sails away to a strange island where he is eventually declared king by the creatures that live there. The story fits perfectly for children stores, by combining wild vegetation backgrounds with figurines that represent the “Wild Things” that inhabit the island where Max arrives. This is a relatively easy display to craft, but for more tips about the movie, you can check some images to find more inspiration. 

2. The Great Gatsby

It is probably one of the most prolific movies that can be used as an inspiration to create elaborated and sumptuous window displays. The reason is that it is a movie filled with elegance, richness, and pompous scenery, and it can provide the best source to create appealing displays, especially for high-end and luxurious stores.

The movie is based on Scott Fitzgerald 1925’s masterpiece novel with the same name, directed by famous Baz Luhrmann, known for his book inspired films. The cast is also tremendous. The movie is centered on the life of Jay Gatsby, a millionaire who has a sumptuous life. What matters here is the fact that the movie was appreciated, winning two Oscars for Best Design and Best Costumes. We’ve already inferred that The Great Gatsby imagery is based on high-end backgrounds, richness and really beautiful costumes and accessories that can be exploited in your won store in order to provide a glamorous aspect.

Of course, you may take into account the use of some realistic mannequins (with bob flapper wigs, to get the 1920’ looks) or gold mannequins that generate the feeling of luxury; gold mannequin will brighten the display with their mirror-like texture. As props, you can effectively use fans, feathers, jewelry, colored wigs, and other glamorous accessories for the background.

3. Crimson Peak

It is an American gothic romance film produced in 2015. As a traditional gothic film, the imagery is based on ghosts, haunted castles, evil creatures, uncanny, Victorian architecture and costumes. This is the perfect scenery that you can exploit for Halloween for example, of for specific tastes, such as for customers who enjoy these kinds of representations. The movie tells the classical story of the aftermath of a family tragedy where things are left unspoken, but the place doesn’t forget the cruelty of the past and brings it in front of the terrified people that live there.

A Crimson Peak inspired window display can contain dark backgrounds, with elements like old castles / mansions, crows, dark trees, heavy furniture, characters in contrast (evil and good). The gothic art defines at a certain extent an aspect of the Victorian Age, because it manifested right at the end of this historical period. This is the reason for which gothic representations must also make use of Victorian architecture and manners. For a more appealing display, you can use some abstract, black or headless mannequins, to improve the feeling of unknown and a gothic environment.

4. Spider Man

This is the well-known 2002 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character with the same name. It tells the story of a high school student who develops spider-like superpowers and becomes the face of justice. The movie can provide a real inspiration for creating window displays, especially in children stores. You can use some backgrounds colored in red and blue, and crowded with tall buildings, Spider Man costumes, and spider webs. It is a relatively easy thematic display and also really effective. You can make use of colored or abstract mannequins to visually improve the entire scenery. 

5. James Bond

Another popular film is James Bond series, famous for their action and superhero-like scenery. All of the 25 James Bond movies are centered on the life of James Bond, a secret agent hero who manages to deal with difficult situations each and every time. The scenery makes use of elements that are connected with the themes and motifs of the movie: guns, suits, luxury cars and places, beautiful women. Here is the perfect place for some realistic mannequins that can be customized to look like the famous actors that used to play James Bond and, of course, some that will look like the omnipresent Bond girls.

6. Alice In Wonderland

This is one of the movies that can provide a lot of ideas and inspiration in order to help you create an appealing display. Alice in Wonderland is a 2010 American fantasy film directed by the famous Tim Burton, known for his gothic and cranky fantasy productions. It is based on the well-known story written by Lewis Carroll and tells the story of Alice, a nineteen year old girl who travels into some fabulous places where everything is uncanny. The imagery contains fantastic elements, such as unusual characters, places and objects, colored and diverse costumes, wigs and make up, palaces and fairytale-like elements.

To create an Alice in Wonderland inspired display, you need to use some fairytale backgrounds with woods and marvelous castles. There is the place for some realistic mannequins that can wear some more make-up and clownish wigs, as some characters do. You can also make use of some uncanny objects, or simply eliminate the entire principle of appropriateness between characters and the objects that you use: big cups, little houses, big animals. Of course, the center of everything needs to be Alice, who can wear the outfit you intent on displaying, an outfit that has to match the entire scenery.

7. Breakfast At Tiffany's

This is a 1961 American romantic comedy film based on the famous short story written by Truman Capote. The most prominent character of the movie is played by Audrey Hepburn, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, an example of grace, elegance and refinement. It is obvious that a famous personality like Audrey would make the entire display shine. The way in which you design the entire display is up you, if you choose to focus mainly on Audrey’s presence, or also on the other characters also. You can use the well-known elements form her outfit: black long dresse, black gloves, pearl necklace and pipe, and insert them into your display along with, of course, realistic mannequins that can resemble Audrey.

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