Resusci Anne Manikin Advanced SkillTrainer

  • The Resusci Anne Advanced SkillTrainer offers high quality, yet relatively low-cost advanced skills training.
    The anatomically realistic airway allows training in basic to intermediate airway management.
    Product Benefits:
    • Educationally effective by focusing on the cores skill for ALS training
    • Anatomically realistic airway allows training in basic to intermediate airway management
    • Cost efficient by offering key features necessary for quality ALS training at an affordable price
    • Modular design allows for alternative training options
    • QCPR feedback for assessment and remediation
    Product Features:
    • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
    • Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM)
    • Supraglottic Airway Devices
    • Head tilt, Chin Lift and jaw trust sensors
    • IV arm provides proficiency in venipuncture and IV administration
    • Live defibrillation allows users to incorporate live AED or manual defibrillators during the learning experience
    • 4 connector 3-lead feature allows students to monitor ECG readings during training
    • Automatically generated carotid pulses are synchronized with ECG and allow realistic pulse check during training

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