Prestan Manikin Collection (Options Available)

Free With CPR Prompt Manikin Package Purchase:
  • Free! 2 Deluxe CPR Keychains (CPR Mask and Gloves)
  • Free! CPR Savers Mask Kit
  • Free! Ground Shipping
Professional-quality manikin at a fraction of the cost! Comprehensive design allows for practice of Heimlich maneuver and abdominal thrusts, as well as CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing. Realistic anatomical markings (Adam's apple, carotid arteries, navel, rib cage, chest notch) make it easy to learn correct hand placement for checking pulse, performing chest compressions, and more.
Prestan Collection consists of one adult, one child, and one infant manikin with lung bags, instruction sheet, and carry case.
  • (1) Adult Manikin (with CPR Monitor)
  • (1) Child Manikin (with CPR Monitor)
  • (1) Infant Manikin (with CPR Monitor)
  • (10) Adult Face-Shield Lung Bags
  • (10) Child Face-Shield Lung Bags
  • (10) Infant Face-Shield Lung Bags
  • (1) Instruction Sheet
  • (1) Nylon Carrying Case

Case may ship in blue or grey as Prestan is transitioning to the blue case.

All Prestan manikins now include a 3 year warranty!

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