Nasco Life Form Manikin Intraosseous Infusion Simulator

Use to enhance training of intraosseous infusion procedures using B.I.G.Šܢ and EZ-IOŠܢ devices or almost any other intraosseous infusion devices available.

The leg is fluid capable and a blood source is accessible through the injection site.


  • Palpable Landmarks

  • Replaceable Bones and Skin

  • A Pressurized System to Allow Aspiration of Fluid

  • Five Year Warranty


  • Simulated Blood

  • Lubricating Jelly

  • Towels

  • I/O Needle

  • Syringe with Tubing

  • 10 Replaceable Simulated Bones

  • 4 Replaceable Skin Pads

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