Laerdal Manikin Nursing Anne (SimPad/VitalSim Capable)

  • Nursing Anne is an efficient, effective, flexible manikin for clinical training in women’s health, obstetrics, post-partum, wound assessment and care, and general patient assessment and care.
    Product Benefits:
    • Educationally effective for in-hospital training targeting key skills for in-hospital care including women’s health, obstetrics, postpartum care, wound assessment and care, and general patient care
    • Scenarios available from the SimStore library provide standardized training while customizable scenarios and real-time instructor control allows adaptation to meet individual student’s needs
    • Economical and educationally efficient skills and scenario based trainer
    • Durable, rugged and lifelike; made to withstand years of use
    • Flexible manikin platform allows multiple accessory modules to be added including trauma, Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Module, and bleeding control for use in multiple clinical settings
    Product Features:
    • Head with anatomical landmarks, trachea and esophagus, along with simulated lungs and stomach allow the practice of many procedures, including NG, OG, tracheal care and suctioning
    • Normal and abnormal heart, breath, and bowel sounds, and fetal heart tones for auscultation
    • Extensive library of rhythm variants for ECG interpretations using standard clinical monitors
    • Instructor-controlled blood pressure arm allows for realistic palpation and auscultation. Systolic and diastolic pressures, auscultatory gap, and volume are variable
    • Articulating IV arm allows for practice of IV cannulation, medication administration, and site care and maintenance
    • Practice medication dose calculations and administration through intramuscular injections at the deltoid, gluteal, ventrogluteal, and thigh sites
    • Optional modules can be added for breast examination, post-surgical mastectomy care, fundus massage skills, and assessment and care of wounds and surgical incisions


    • Head with anatomical landmarks, trachea, and esophagus, along with simulated lungs and stomach, allow the practice of many procedures
    • Irrigation of the eye and ear (simulated)
    • Application/instillation of medications in the eye, ear and nose including nasal packing
    • Mouth and denture care procedures
    • Insertion and suctioning of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways
    • Insertion, securing, and care of endotracheal tubes
    • Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning
    • Various oxygen delivery procedures
    • NG tube insertion, care, medication administration, and removal
    • Gastric lavage and gavage
    • Subclavian, jejunostomy and Hickman catheter openings (placement only)
    • Manually generated carotid pulse
    • Deltoid, dorsogluteal, and vastus lateralis IM injections possible
    • Full range of motion for realistic patient handling
    • Interchangeable stomas depict colostomy, ileostomy and suprapubic cystotomy
    • Colostomy may be irrigated and will retain an indwelling catheter
    • Fingers and toes are spread to allow bandaging


    • Complete urinary catheterization
    • Can be attached to urinary and colon reservoirs via connector valves
    • Female genitalia capable of vaginal douching
    • Will retain indwelling or straight catheter
    • Enema procedures may be performed using fluid for realistic return
    • When used with manikin, fluid may be used for realistic return
    • Urinary valves give the natural resistance felt when catheterizing
    • Anal valves simulate the internal anal sphincter


    • Articulating IV training arm with replaceable skin and infusible vein system allows peripheral intravenous therapy and site care
    • Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa and dorsum of the hand
    • Accessible veins include median, basilic and cephalic
    SimPad Capabilities (sold separately)


    • Heart sounds synchronized with programmable ECG
    • Auscultated lung sounds synchronized with breathing rate, 0 - 60 BPM
    • Individual lung or bilateral sound selection
    • Normal or abnormal bowel sounds
    • Vocal sounds – computer-generated sounds, mixed with voice input (via microphone sold separately)


    • Synchronized with programmable ECG
      • Aortic Stenosis
      • Friction Rub
      • Austin Flint Murmur
      • Diastolic Murmur Mi Stenosis
      • Systolic Murmur
      • Mitral Valve Prolapse
      • Normal Heart Sounds – Apex
      • Opening Snap Msec
      • Ventricular Septal Defect
      • Atrial Septal Defect
      • Pulmonary Stenosis
      • Stills Murmur
      • Normal Heart Sounds


    • Synchronized with breathing rate, 0 – 60 bpm/li>
    • Individual lung or bilateral sound selection
      • Coarse Crackles
      • Fine Crackles
      • Normal Breath Sounds
      • Pneumonia
      • Stridor
      • Wheeze
      • Pleural Rub
      • Rhonchi


    • Normal and abnormal bowel sounds
      • Borborygmus
      • Fetal Tones
      • Hyperactive Bowel
      • Hypoactive Bowel
      • Normal Bowel


    • Computer-generated sounds, mixed with voice input (via microphone sold separately)
      • Cough
      • Vomit
      • Moan
      • Scream
      • SOB Breathing
      • Yes
      • No
      • Hiccup (infant)
      • Cry (infant)


    • Articulating blood pressure arm for auscultated and palpated blood pressure simulation
    • Korotkoff sounds synchronized with ECG
    • Korotkoff sounds volume control in 10 steps, 0-9
    • Systolic and diastolic pressure may be set individually in steps of 2mmHG
    • Systolic 0-300mmHG, Diastolic 0-300 mmHG
    • Auscultative Gap, with on/off feature
    • Pressure accuracy +/- 2mmHG
    • Calibrate function to adjust pressure sensor and cuff gauge
    • Palpated pulse simulator controls brachial and radial pulses
    • Pulses only active when palpatedPulses synchronized with programmable ECG
    • Pulse strengths dependent on Blood Pressure


    • Facilitates training in the recognition of breast disorders, sizes of nodules and relative locations by simulating multiple abnormalities found during breast examinations
    • Normal anatomy of the female breasts
    • Interchangeable abnormalities such as:
    • Fibroadenoma, cyst, solid lump/mass


    • Abdominal incision module with painted sutures may be interchanged with blank module in the manikin’s abdomen
    • Surgical closure simulated
    • Suitable for teaching suture care and dressing
    • Abdominal incision modules with staples and Penrose drain
    • Abdominal incision modules with nylon sutures and Penrose drain
    • Abdominal packing and irrigation module may be interchanged with blank module in the manikin’s abdomen 
    • Wound separation exposing a layer of subcutaneous fat
    • Suitable for wet or dry packing and wound irrigation
    • Abdominal subcutaneous heparin and insulin injection module
    • Surgical belly plate with interchangeable stoma sites
    • Infected colostomy stoma may be interchanged with normal stoma in surgical belly plate, irrigation possible
    • Ventrogluteal and gluteal decubitus ulcer module may be interchanged with ventrogluteal injection pad
    • Reddish and cyanotic blue-gray appearance
    • Break in the skin exposing soft tissue
    • Suitable for pressure ulcer staging, cleaning and dressing
    • Below knee amputation stumps for stump care including wrapping and condition
    • Thigh packing and irrigation module may be interchanged with injection pads in manikin’s thigh           
    • Wound separation exposing a layer of subcutaneous fat
    • Suitable for wet or dry packing and wound irrigation
    • Thigh suture and debridement modules may be interchanged with injection pads in manikin’s thigh    
    • Surgical closure made with nylon sutures
    • Suitable for teaching suture care and dressing
    • Varicose vein leg with stasis ulcer
    • Diabetic foot module may be articulated to manikin at the ankle
    • Gangrenous toes
    • Heel decubitus ulcer
    • 1 Nursing Anne Manikin
    • Hospital Gown
    • Airway Lubricant
    • Assembly Tool Kit
    • Instructions for use
    *The SimPad System (#200-30001) is required for operation of the Nursing Anne SimPad Capable Simulator. Sold separately.

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