Laerdal Manikin NG Tube and Trach Care Trainer

Head features anatomical landmarks, trachea, esophagus, simulated lungs and stomach Lungs and stomach may be filled with fluid for realistic practice of many procedures:
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Tracheal suctioning
  • NG tube insertion
  • Removal NG tube irrigation, instillation and monitoring
  • Feeding tube insertion and removal
  • Gastric lavage and gavage
  • Nasoenteric and esophageal tube insertion, care and removal
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal insertion and suctioning
  • Insertion, securing and care of endotracheal tubes
  • Adult Male Torso
  • Manikin Lubricant
  • Tank Top
  • Carry Case
  • Directions for Use

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