Instructor Package Advanced Instructor Pack 1 (with CPR Prompt or Prestan Manikins)

  • This economical pack of CPR Prompt Training Manikins allows any instructor the ability to teach adult, child, and infant CPR in one simple pack. Use of AED trainers may also be an option for more complete training.
    Package includes:
    • Your Choice of:
      • TPAK700 - 5 adult/child CPR manikins and 2 infant CPR manikins with carry case
      • or
      • Prestan adult/child CPR 4-Pack of training manikins (with CPR monitors)
    • Samaritan Pad AED
    • Samaritan AED Trainer
    • CPR Practi-Shield Manikin Face Shields (50/box)
    • Ambu Res-Cue CPR Mask Kit (Plastic)
    • CPR Face Shield on Keychain (Blue)

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