Forensic Science Wound Package

  • These wounds are the special stick-on wounds found in the Forensic Science Wound Simulation Kit. You receive the 18 wounds developed for forensic science. Use these to augment your existing casualty simulation kit.
    Wounds Included:
    • Petechiae;
    • Ecchymosis;
    • Pattern Ligature;
    • Slash; Shotgun close range;
    • Shotgun;
    • Intermediate range;
    • Intermediate range round;
    • Intermediate range flake;
    • Exit gunshot;
    • Contact gunshot contact handgun;
    • Contact wound;
    • Screwdriver;
    • Bite partial;
    • Bite complete;
    • Hesitation;
    • Single-edge knife;
    • Double-edge knife;
    • Blunt bat;
    • Bunny ears exit wound;
    • Exit wound ice pick;

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