Female Headless Mannequin MM-SFW106W-WT

  • Female Headless Mannequin MM-SFW106W-WT

    MM-SFW106-WT is a headless female mannequin that comes in a beautiful matte white finish. The headless style is popular amongst any type of retailer whether you sell clothing that is casual or dressy. The matte white color creates a simple canvas for your female clothing that will make your clothing pop and look beautiful.

    Her pose is quite beautiful with her hips swayed to one side creating some assymetry and movement. With her hands behind her back she creates a pose that puts focus more on the clothing. This headless white mannequin is a great choice.


    • Height: 5 ft 8 in
    • Shoulder to Shoulder: 17 in
    • Bust: 34 in
    • Waist: 25 in
    • Hip: 35 in
    • Inseam: 33 in
    • Shoes Size: size 7/8
    • Shipping Fee: $40

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