Female Egghead Mannequin MM-SFW81E-GW

  • The female egghead glossy mannequin MM-SFW81E-GW is a stunner. She stands in a pose with attitude with her hands on her hips. This is a great choice who want their female mannequin to have a little bit of sass and personality. This female model is very popular because of the glossy white color and unique pose.

    The glossy white creates some pop visually to the human eye and attracts the attention of the viewer onto your clothing. Her body stands lean and feminine and will make any kind of clothing you put on her look beautiful. This model is a great choice for those looking for a glossy female mannequin.

    Height: 6 ft
    Shoulder: 17.5 in
    Bust: 32 in.
    Waist: 24.5 in.
    Hip: 33.5 in.
    Inseam: 32 in
    Foot Size: 9 in

    • Shipping Fee: $40

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