CPARLENE Manikin Full Body with Electronic Connections

  • CPARLENE requires no cleaning! Individual student face masks provide maximum protection against cross contamination. Each face mask is designed with a one-way non-rebreathing valve and is disposable or may be reused after proper disinfection. Molded hair requires no maintenance. The disposable tracheal airway and lower airway with lung bag eliminate time-consuming disinfection procedures. Includes 10 disposable airways, 10 disposable tracheal airways, and five sanitary face masks.

    Electronic monitoring allows trainees to critique their performance at a glance. All electronic monitoring units are housed outside the CPARLENE manikin, connected by a quick-release interface jack similar to a telephone extension. Portable electronics allow monitors, not students, to be moved from manikin to manikin. Help reduce cross-contamination. All units are powered by Š—“CŠ—? or Š—“DŠ—? batteries, and change from adult to child readings with the flip of a switch.

    This CPARLENE Full Manikin with Electronic Connections can be used with any of the Life/form external electronic monitors, which consist of the Electronic Monitoring, Memory, and Printer Unit (LF03401U), the Electronic Monitoring and Memory Unit (LF03402U), and the Light Controller (LF03403U). Includes a washable jogging suit, child springs, supplies, and a durable carry case with wheels. Jaw thrust feature.

    Five-year warranty.

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